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The 10 Hottest Hot Tub Accessories RIGHT NOW

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The 10 Hottest Hot Tub Accessories RIGHT NOW

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Whether you enjoy it for relaxing, relieving stress, doing yoga exercises, practicing meditation, or seeking relief from chronic pain, a hot tub can provide many benefits. You may think things are perfect as they are, but we know a few ways you can take your hot tub enjoyment up a notch. Check out 10 of the hottest hot tub accessories that you can add right now for an even better experience.

Cover Lifter

The number one accessory that people are raving about right now is a hot tub cover lifter. Hot tub covers can be cumbersome and difficult for many people to maneuver. Imagine the ease of having a cover that slides back without effort and is just as simple to put back in place. That’s the beauty of a cover lifter! You’ll diminish any chance of back strain and avoid damaging your cover. Also, adding pool chemicals is faster and more efficient with a cover that slides out of the way. Best of all, hot tub cover lifters lock in place, preventing kids from getting into the spa. If you were to pick only one of these 10 hot tub accessories to add right now, a cover lifter would be it. 

Remote Monitoring

How would you like to be able to control your hot tub from afar? With remote monitoring, that is entirely doable. If your hot tub is in your family vacation home, if you want it ready to use when you get home from work, or if an issue arises when you are away from home, you’ll love having this device. With your smartphone or tablet, you can monitor your hot tub and adjust its settings even when you are miles away. 


This one’s a no-brainer. Hot tubs are deep enough that most people need at least a step or two to comfortably get in. Simply put, a set of steps will make your life a lot easier, and absolutely deserves to be in the top three best hot tub accessories. When choosing steps, look for ones that have a high weight capacity, non-slip surface, and perhaps even handrails. 

Side Mount Umbrella

Mounting an umbrella to the side of your hot tub can be a brilliant addition to your spa. These umbrellas provide privacy while being aesthetically pleasing. Plus, they protect you, your spa, and the water from the sun, which can save you money on maintenance and chemical costs. Some umbrellas even come with built-in lights for instant nighttime ambiance. Start enjoying your hot tub more regardless of the elements with an adjustable umbrella.


An inexpensive accessory that can add a lot to your spa enjoyment is a hot tub pillow. You may find that leaning your head against the hard surface of your hot tub interferes with your ability to relax completely. The addition of a pillow or headrest solves that problem and will be particularly appreciated by those who have head or neck issues. Look for pillows that come with suction cups, are made from very durable materials, are quick-drying, and work in any hot tub. You’ll be so comfortable, you won’t want to get out of the water!

Bluetooth® Speakers

Numerous studies have shown that music helps us relax and relieves stress. If you were to combine music with your hot tub soak, you could double your relaxation! There are several options for enjoying Bluetooth sound around your hot tub. Many new hot tubs come with an option for Bluetooth speakers. Alternatively, you could retrofit your existing spa with Bluetooth connectivity. The most budget-friendly method is to get some floating speakers. Whatever method you choose, adding soothing music to your hot tub won’t be something you will regret.

Cup Holders

What do we all love to do when we soak in the hot tub? Enjoy the beverage of our choice, of course! Whether that is iced tea, green juice, or a mocktail, we need a safe and convenient place to sit our drinks. There are plenty of cup holder options to choose from, so there is no excuse not to stay hydrated.

Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool lights add instant ambiance to your hot tub. They create a fun mood that everyone will get a kick out of. Some lights change colors. Some look like lighted lily pads. Other models project images, such as little fish. Solar-powered or battery-operated, the choice of floating pool lights is vast, so there is something for everyone.

Hot Tub Booster Cushion

Do you have some shorter family members who enjoy using your hot tub? If the water level is too high for them, they will never fully relax and enjoy their spa experience. A hot tub booster cushion solves that problem, allowing kids and height-challenged adults to get as much pleasure from their hot tub soak as everyone else in the family.

Waterproof Playing Cards

A soaked deck of cards will definitely ruin poker night. Avoid that issue with a pack of waterproof playing cards. The kids will love playing Go Fish, and grown-ups can enjoy poker or rummy. Whatever your game, play it in the hot tub for even more fun.

We all want our hot tub to provide a relaxing respite from the world, but it can give us so much more. Adding accessories that provide convenience, safety, ambiance, and fun can take our hot tubbing experience from great to fabulous. So, start enjoying your hot tub even more with these 10 hot tub accessories you can add right now.

Now that fall and cooler days are nearly here, you may be using your hot tub more. If your hot tub has been closed for the summer, we can advise you on how to open it. Also, Aqua Pools offers drain cleaning and spa refilling services. Give us a call and schedule your annual service today!


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