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10 Life-Saving Hot Weather Pool Safety Tips

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10 Life-Saving Hot Weather Pool Safety Tips

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The summer heat can be brutal, but with a pool, refreshing relief is right in your own backyard! However, safety is crucial for you and your family. With these 10 life-saving hot weather pool safety tips, you can safely enjoy your favorite pastime with your family.

1. Hydration

When swimming, you may not realize that you’re still sweating from exertion and the heat of the summer sun. Be sure to hydrate and offer lots of refreshing drinks to your family and any guests. You can’t go wrong with H2O, but unsweet tea and fruit juice are also good options.

2. Sun Protection

Pick a strong SPF and be sure to reapply it frequently. Most waterproof sunscreens last for about 80 minutes. Not sure which sunscreen to choose? Read our Checklist for Choosing Sunscreen.

3. Swimming Lessons

It’s important that children and adults know basic water safety tips. Pool participants should know how to swim. Enroll in newbies in swimming lessons and ensure that knowledgeable swimmers take brush-up lessons as needed.

4. Water Safety

For any children or adults who do not know how to swim, equip them with the necessary personal flotation devices. Avoid relying on water toys like noodles or water wings for swimming safety.

5. Pool Security

Install secure fencing around the pool area to ensure safety. Also install pool alarms, self-closing gates, and notification devices. This will ensure that nobody, including curious kids and pets, can access your pool without your permission.

6. Learn CPR

Learn CPR safety for both children and adults. Take CPR classes regularly and update those skills as needed.

7. Pool Watchers

Designate a pool watcher for pool activities. Assign a person to watch the pool and participants for a set time period. Rotate watchers so that everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the water.

8. First Aid Kits

Every pool owner, and homeowner, for that matter, needs a first-aid kit and emergency equipment. Be sure yours includes a portable telephone, first aid supplies, flotation devices, and scissors.

9. Drain Covers

Place covers over pool drains, and teach your kids not to play around drains. Check with your pool service provider to ensure that the drain covers are compliant.

10. Information Sharing

Always share contact information and safety instructions with neighbors just in case it’s needed. Let them know where first aid kits and safety equipment are located.

Now you don’t have to worry about being safe around your pool in the summer heat. Make sure everyone gets in on the fun! With these 10 life-saving pool safety tips in hot weather, you and your family don’t have to forgo your favorite water or pool activities. Got any other questions about caring for your pool? Give us a call!


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