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4 Essential Date Night Secrets for the Hot Tub

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4 Essential Date Night Secrets for the Hot Tub


A hot tub is the perfect place for a romantic date night. The heat of the water, the coolness of the air, the relaxing massage; it all creates the perfect environment for romance. While the hot tub takes care of your sense of touch, the perfect hot tub date night actually engages all of the senses. Making the secret to an unforgettable date night, the addition of your other four senses.

Food and Drink

The first sense you want to consider is taste. A date night isn’t really complete without a little food and drink. Whether it is a light dessert or simple finger foods, the menu is up to you. Your loved one’s favorites might be a good place to start. Some other hot tub favorites might include a nice glass of bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries or other types of fresh fruit. You will just want to keep in mind the simplicity of eating it in or near your hot tub. 


Music will be the ultimate mood setter for your date night. It engages your sense of hearing. Whether you are looking for a laid-back, fun date night or a totally romantic evening, your playlist will go a long way in directing the path of your evening. Remember that the music should be a simple backdrop to your evening and not the main event. You want to leave plenty of room for good conversation, as well


One area that is often overlooked when planning a date night in your hot tub, is the aromas. Hot tubs are all about engaging your senses. Adding pleasant scents to your hot tub date night will help to activate your sense of smell. There is a lot of evidence that scent is closely related to memory. Choosing the right aromas for your hot tub date night will help to create positive memories that will carry your date night on long after the night is over.


The last sense left to engage is your sense of sight. Many hot tubs have fun lighting features that can be set to create relaxing or energetic light shows. If you don’t have built-in lighting features, you can still create perfect lighting for your date night. Adding candles or tiki torches around your hot tub can create a great lighting effect. There are also floating hot tub lights that can be added to your tub to create lighting in the water for a full experience.

By engaging all of your senses, your date night will be unforgettable for you and your significant other. Start planning that WOW night now and give your loved one a magical evening they won’t soon forget.


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