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4 Reasons to Install a Pool in the Fall

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4 Reasons to Install a Pool in the Fall

fall pool installation

Summer is nearly over, and you still haven’t gotten a chance to install that pool you’ve been dreaming about. By the time you thought you were ready to begin this project, spring and summer were already here. Your new pool needed to be in the ground, like, yesterday. But you don’t want to delay any longer. Here are 4 reasons to install a pool in the fall.

There are fewer weather delays when you install a pool in the fall.

As the summer months begin to simmer down, so does the rain. Here in Illinois, it rains less in the fall than in the spring and summer. That means the chance of your new pool installation being stalled due to poor weather conditions decreases. Plus, the ground isn’t frozen and covered in snow and ice, like it is in winter, making it easier to dig.



There aren’t as many fall pool installations scheduled.

Summers are the busy season for us here at Aqua Pools. Not only are we busy installing new pools for customers who decided to build in summer, but we are also running numerous service calls and our two stores are full of people shopping for chemicals and accessories. Fall is a different story. Things slow down a bit during the fall. It will be easier to get your pool installation scheduled, and it’s a great time to beat the price increase that typically happens from year to year.

Your plants are happier when you install a pool in the fall.

Construction temporarily takes away from your curb appeal. That swimming pool construction traffic will impact your landscaping. Planning your pool installation for fall, when your plants are lying dormant anyway, is an excellent option.

Your inground pool will be ready to use next season.

One of the best reasons to plan your installation for the fall is that your pool will be ready in plenty of time for the next swim season. You won’t end up frustrated when delays keep you from jumping into your pool with a splash as it starts to warm up. With a fall installation, you will be opening your gorgeous new pool right on time.

Don’t wait any longer. Call Aqua Pools today and get your pool installation scheduled for this fall. You can reach our Homer Glen store at 708-301-9400 or our Worth store at 708-361-1000.

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