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4 Smokin’ Hot Trends in Viking Pool Design for 2019

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4 Smokin’ Hot Trends in Viking Pool Design for 2019

Constructing the perfect pool design for your backyard is exciting. There is no shortage of inspiration ideas on websites like Houzz and Pinterest. Before you make any decisions about what your pool project is going to look like, you want to know the latest and greatest. We are sharing the 4 hottest pool trends for 2019, so you can have all the information before you decide what to put into your pool project.

Pool Chemistry Control

Pool automation has been a growing pool trend for the last few years. This year the trend is leaning toward pool chemistry control. That is the automation of your pool’s sanitation system. By automating the sanitation system, your pool achieves optimum oxidation reduction potential. Systems like the Hayward CAT 2000 automate your PH and chlorine control so they are always at an ideal level. Not only does this keep your pool at a comfortable level for swimming, but it also saves on chemical use. With automated pool chemistry control your pool will provide more enjoyment with less work.

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Environmentally Friendly Equipment

It is no surprise that environmentally friendly equipment is trending, everyone is wanting to do their part to conserve energy. Hayward offers amazing eco-friendly options that will keep your pool running efficiently. Hayward’s Eco-Star Variable speed pumps are best in class for their energy efficiency. Swim Clear Multi Element cartridge filters have the most energy-efficient flow. They eliminate the need for back washing so you save up to 2,500 gallons of water per year. Environmentally Friendly Equipment, may not be a show stopping trend in terms of pool design, but it is definitely one of the most beneficial.

No Deep End

Yep you read that right, this year the deep end is out and shallow pools are in. Diving boards have decreased in popularity over the last several years and without them, people just aren’t seeing the need for a deep end. Trending this year are pools no deeper than 6 feet. Many are opting for larger tanning ledges with a depth of only 1 ft to take up the traditional “deep end” space.

Substantial Slides

With diving boards on the outs, big slides are in. Rather than a flimsy boring slide, people are opting for large substantial slides like the Helix that really make a statement. In 2019 slides are saying “come have some fun”. Expect to see these big slides incorporated with rock and cliff like decor around them to keep with the natural pool trends that have been popular over the last few years. 

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Whether you are just getting started with a backyard pool design or you are looking for ways to update your existing pool, these 4 pool trends for 2019 will ensure that your pool is on point this summer.


When you are ready to get started with your pool project, come see us at Aqua Pools we would love to help you incorporate these trends with your pool project.

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