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4 Ways to a Better Day with a Hot Tub

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4 Ways to a Better Day with a Hot Tub


The first few minutes of your morning make a huge difference for the rest of your day. Walking out the door in a great mood means little inconveniences, like the wrong coffee order at Starbucks, don’t bother you as much. Your positive attitude will have a domino effect, helping everyone around you to feel just a little bit better. So how can you start out feeling great? We’re glad you asked – with a hot tub!

1) Make Your Time Count

Are your mornings hectic? With a few changes, like preparing your lunch the night before, you can free up your morning and make time for a hot tub soak. Within 10-15 minutes, your circulation will improve and you’ll have had time to wake up feeling relaxed instead of stressed.

2) No Screen Time 

Your spa is the perfect place to avoid being a slave to the screen, at least for a few minutes when you first wake up. Emails, text messages, and funny cat videos can wait while you brew your coffee and soak your way to a positive mindset. 

3) Stretch it Out

Limber up and get your blood flowing with a few quick stretches. These are perfect to do right after that morning hot tub soak as your muscles will be relaxed and your circulation will be improved, giving you more energy to start your day.

4) Add the Family 

Not everyone can make it home for nightly dinners, but maybe everyone can get together in the morning. Use a morning spa session to check in with your kids and ask them about their plans for the day or wish your spouse good luck with the important events. Make everyone’s day better by letting them know someone cares about them. 

Here at Aqua Pools, we can’t wait to help you change your mornings for the better. Contact us today and we’ll get you started with a new hot tub


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