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5 Genius Ways To Create Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

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5 Genius Ways To Create Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

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You were so thrilled to get your hot tub and have it installed in exactly the right spot in your backyard. You and your family love using it, but after having it for a while, you became more aware of how close together the houses in your new development are to you. Or how that two-story house next door sort of looms over your backyard. You are still in love with your hot tub, but wish you could create more of a secluded retreat. Growing trees is going to take more time than you want, so what can you do? Never fear, Aqua Pools is here to share 5 genius ways to create privacy around your hot tub!

Privacy Please

A simple privacy screen may be all you need to gain the separation you desire. Rather than going to the expense of building a permanent fence, a privacy screen has the advantage of being portable. Some screens are free standing single walls; others are in two or more hinged panels you can angle to suit the space. Lightweight and sometimes on wheels, you can position a privacy screen multiple ways. Furthermore, a portable screen can be moved around to shade bathers from the sun. Win-win.

Grow Your Own

We love to use large potted plants as a privacy screen. If the pots are on sturdy wheeled bases, you can move them around your hot tub in any position you like. You want to plant your pots with something fast-growing such as bamboo, tall-growing ornamental grass, or vines such as jasmine or honeysuckle, which are supported by a trellis. Your hot tub will feel as if a lush garden surrounds it. Furthermore, if you choose a fragrant vine such as climbing roses or jasmine, you will add an aromatherapy element that could be an unexpected plus.

Sail Away

Shade sails seem to be everywhere these days. The genius of a shade sail is that you can hang it so that it blocks the view of your hot tub but also prevents the sun from glaring down on you on a warm day. A shade sail is an inexpensive way to provide privacy if you have a neighboring house up a slope from you or a two-story house that looks down on your yard. 

Up To Something Shady

A stylish option to provide some privacy to your hot tub is an umbrella. There are many options to choose from here, but there are two styles we believe work well around a hot tub. One choice is a side umbrella that attaches to the side of your hot tub. These can be angled to block the view or to provide shade. A second umbrella option is a free-standing cantilevered style. These come in many sizes and shapes, some of them very large. The adjustments you can make to the position of these umbrellas is incredible. If you invest in an umbrella to shield your hot tub, you also gain some protection from inclement weather.

Under Cover

A gazebo or other roofed structure is a great solution for providing privacy and shade to your hot tub. Building a gazebo is a great DIY project, or you can find them pre-made. It is also possible to hang curtains on the sides for a breezy, yet private effect. The architectural element of a gazebo can add a lot of style and pizzazz to a backyard. 

There are also hot tub covers that, when unlocked, automatically rise on extended legs to become a roof over the hot tub. Some of them can be accessorized with side shades which create your own little private nook while soaking in the hot tub. The Covana Automated Hot Tub Cover, for instance, will transform in seconds from a hot tub cover into a gazebo roof, providing privacy, shade, and protection from the elements.  

Is this the year you do something to make your backyard oasis an even more private retreat? Have you gotten some useful information from these 5 genius ways to create privacy around your hot tub? We hope so! Aqua Pools invites you to stop by our showrooms to talk to our professional pool experts. We are here to answer all your pool and spa questions!


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