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5 Old School Pool Games To Teach Your Kids

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5 Old School Pool Games To Teach Your Kids

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We are nicely launched into the summer season and the kids have been living in the pool. Life seems just about perfect until we hear the first whine of “I’m bored”. If your kids have tired of the pool toys and are looking for something new and fun to do, how about teaching them some of the OG pool games that kept us entertained for hours when we were young? Have the kids invite a few friends over and teach them these 5 old school pool games!


Marco Polo

This old chestnut really is the granddaddy of all pool games. This one probably will not be new to the kids, but you can breathe new life into it with a few extra rules. This is one game where the more the merrier definitely applies. Get a group of kids in the pool, with one designated as “Marco”. With eyes closed, he calls out “Marco” and the others are supposed to call out “Polo” in response. When Marco tags another child, they become “it”. You can add variations to the game by requiring participants to stay put and not move out of their place in the water. Alternatively, you can allow individuals to sneak out of the water, but if “Marco” suspects someone has left the game, he can shout “Fish out of water!” and that person becomes “it”.


Dive for Real Treasure

Pick up some inexpensive beads at the dollar store, or costume jewelry at a garage sale. Toss these “jewels” into the water and have the kids jump in on a count of three to dive for the treasure. The person who collects the most items “wins”.


Chicken Fight

This is a fun game for parents to play with smaller kids. Teenagers also seem to love it. You need four people, who are split into two teams.  In the middle of the pool, the larger person lets the smaller one sit on their shoulders. The two teams meet in the water and the two individuals on the top try to unseat one another. The first person to topple from their perch loses. 


Sharks and Minnows

This game works well with a group of five or six people. One person is the shark, who stands in the middle of the pool. The other players, the minnows, line up on one side of the pool. When the shark calls “Go”, the other minnows jump in the water and attempt to swim across the pool without getting tagged by the shark. Once tagged, a minnow becomes a shark. The remaining minnows line up and the process is repeated, now with two sharks trying to tag the minnows. This game is fast-moving, and soon most of the participants are sharks, with just a couple of minnows remaining. The last untagged minnow wins the game.



Every kid loves a contest. See who can hold their breath the longest. Or who can keep in a handstand position longer than anyone else. Have races to see who can get across the pool fastest.  Small prizes make all variations of this activity fun for all.


This summer, show your kids that it isn’t necessary to have expensive pool accessories or purchased games to have fun in the pool. All it takes is a trip down Memory Lane, and you will recall the many ways you and your friends entertained yourselves in the pool. When your kids seem bored with the long days of summer, don’t make them pull weeds when they claim to have nothing to do. Teach them these 5 old-school pool games! You may even want to join in.

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