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5 Pool Features You Never Dreamed Were Possible (But They Are)

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5 Pool Features You Never Dreamed Were Possible (But They Are)

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Owning a backyard pool is on the list of the finer things in life, no doubt. When the opportunity arises to customize your very own pool, well, life gets even better. It’s the customizable features that can take your pool from average to amazing. Outfitting your pool with remote control options, LED night lights and fancy slides are only the beginning. Here are 5 pool features you never dreamed were possible (but they are).

  1. Automatic Cleaning System – Yes, frequent pool usage does cause a need for frequent cleaning. It sounds laborious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just place a robotic pool cleaner in your unit and let it do all the heavy lifting, or rather, cleaning. As the robotic equipment automatically cleans on timed intervals, you can continue enjoying your pool time.
  2. Color or Accent Lighting – Accent lighting is absolutely gorgeous, especially at night! You can add accent lighting at the bottom or sides, depending on the size and depth of your pool. You can ultimately create an entire pool oasis with comfortable, attractive lighting.
  3. Automatic Pool Covers – Not only does using an automatic pool cover help protect your investment, but it also keeps the pool clean from trash and debris. And this feature allows you to instantly cover your pool with a quick click, minus the pulling and tugging you’d have with a manual one.
  4. Take the safe, natural approach to keep your pool water fresh and clean: Opt for a saltwater pool! A good salt chlorinator takes care of the water and makes it soft and silky to the skin. No more red, itchy eyes for those that are sensitive to chlorine. Also, strong chlorine odors will be a thing of the past.
  5. From bubblers to grottos and lazy rivers, you have endless options for customizing your pool with water features. Regardless of pool size, a few of these customizable touches help you create your very own pool oasis. Your pool will become THE place to be!

There are limitless pool features you can tailor to your preference and taste. These 5 pool features you never dreamed were possible (but they are) are just starters. Contact our showroom staff today. We’ll help you get started on creating your very own pool heaven!


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