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5 Sure Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Than Ever

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5 Sure Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Than Ever

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Most of us will agree that 2020 has been a challenging year. One thing we may have all experienced is more together time with our family members. Have you made the most of it? Spending more time together can bring us closer, improve our communication, and strengthen family bonds. Most importantly, it can create a greater sense of security in trying times. We would like to share 5 sure ways to bring your family closer than ever.

Family Meals

Gathering together at the dining table is one of the best ways to become closer as a family unit. Everyone, in turn, can share their thoughts, experiences, and plans. Even the youngest family member will love being the focus of attention and having a turn to share. No phones, no electronic devices, just conversation between interested parties. Studies have shown that the simple act of dining together gives children a feeling of well-being and security. It is a perfect opportunity to foster traditions and connectedness.

Cook Together

Ask your children and spouse to join you in the kitchen. Let the kids take turns picking out something to cook. Bring out those treasured recipes Grandma used to make and recreate them together. Reminisce while you bake that special chocolate cake, shape empanadas, or fry pierogies. Share family stories and create new traditions of your own.

Read Aloud

Reading aloud for a period of time each day can bring you closer as a family and provide ample fodder for interesting discussions. If a difficult topic arises in a book, talking it out can provide answers, comfort, and alternate perspectives. Studies have shown that reading aloud fosters a love of reading, the development of empathy, and provides a wonderful way to share experiences. It is simply one of the best ways to be completely present with your family unit.

Work As a Team

Working together is another way to become closer to your loved ones. Everyone has different strengths that will contribute to a project. Clean the garage together, plan the week’s meals and grocery lists, plan a family vacation (we will be able to travel again!). Every group effort can use each member’s skills, knowledge, and contributions despite their age or abilities. Working together creates a team mentality and fosters respect.

Hot Tub Together

As adults, we know and appreciate the value of the hot tub for unwinding and relaxing.  Have you ever considered it a venue for establishing closer relationships with your family members? 

           Older Kids
  • Most of us have experienced our older kids clamoring to join us in the tub. Your older children will love the one-on-one time in the tub with you. It is an excellent opportunity for them to have your undivided attention. Hot tubs are not recommended for the younger kids (under 5), but older children really enjoy it.
  • As for teenagers, you can find out more about what is going in their lives during 20 minutes in a hot tub than in a month of asking them, “So what’s going on in your life?” outside of it. For some reason, the closeness and the relaxing atmosphere of the hot tub can encourage wonderful exchanges with your teens. 
  • Hot tubs are a fantastic way to reconnect with your spouse. The lack of distraction, the privacy, and the calm environment all provide the freedom to have more in-depth and meaningful conversations. You can discuss goals, make plans, share thoughts, and become more unified as a couple.

We have read that one of the greatest challenges our generation faces is the family unit’s breakdown. One, perhaps the only benefit to come out of the challenges 2020 has presented us is the fact that we have had to spend more time at home with our families. This year has given us the opportunity to strengthen our family relationships, be more present for one another, develop traditions, and open up conversations. We hope these 5 suggestions on sure ways to bring your family closer than ever have given you some ideas to try out with your loved ones.

We at Aqua Pools appreciate your support during the challenges of the past six months. As we all spend more significant amounts of time at home, you may be wanting to make that environment even more conducive to family togetherness. We are proud to serve our community and are here to help you with any pool or spa concerns. Give us a call; we can help!


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