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6 Easy Steps To Eliminate Cloudy Spa Water

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6 Easy Steps To Eliminate Cloudy Spa Water

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Ah, you remove the cover of your hot tub and prepare to immerse yourself for a relaxing soak in its clean, clear water, and…. Ew. The water is cloudy, uninviting, and potentially dangerous. This is a common disappointment, but luckily, easily rectified. What can you do? Let’s look at 6 easy steps to eliminate cloudy spa water.

1) Check Your Filter

Your filter’s job is to collect and trap small particles of debris in the water. That material ends up in the filter and must be cleaned out frequently. That’s your job. Get into the habit of cleaning out your filter on a monthly basis, if not more often. If the filter is full of gunk, it won’t be able to keep the spa water clean, leaving small particles to float in the water. Keep in mind as well, that filters do not last forever and will need to be replaced eventually.

2) Sanitizer

When folks use the hot tub, it is a fact of life that some icky stuff gets left behind. Having users shower first is ideal, but even so, body oil, dead skin, residue from lotions, etc. comes off and ends up in the water, causing bacteria to form. Adding sanitizer after each use will tackle this issue and leave your water clean.

3) Water Chemistry

If you have not been diligently checking and maintaining proper water balance, cloudy water will certainly result. Keep your Ph level 7.2-7.6. Check your Ph balance often and adjust as needed. Hot tub water with alkalinity levels over 150 ppm will begin to form scale and become cloudy. High calcium hardness is also another culprit in the cloudiness water crime. Be sure your calcium levels are between 175-250 ppm. Get into the habit of testing your water all the time, and things will be less likely to get out of control.

4) Shock

If your sanitizer level is right, the particles that make your spa water cloudy should be eliminated. If not, you can try a non-chlorinated shock to get your water back to the clear condition you desire. Shock will also swiftly deal with any algae growth or contaminants.

5) Clarifier

A clarifier will consolidate any small particles of debris that your filter doesn’t catch. After adding sanitizer, add a small amount of clarifier and run your jets for an hour or so. You will need to rinse our your filter after this process, as the consolidated particles of debris will have been flushed into its system and need to be removed.

6) Drain/Change Water

Your spa water should be drained and replaced with fresh water every three to four months. If it has been about that long since your water has been changed, don’t spend any more time and money monkeying around trying to clarify old water. Change it out and start fresh. The best way to treat cloudy spa water is to keep it from happening in the first place. With frequent filter cleaning, water testing, and making chemical adjustments as needed, your cloudy water issues should become a thing of the past. These 6 easy steps to eliminate cloudy spa water will get you on the right track.

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