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6 Reasons (Besides Safety) to Invest in a Pool Safety Cover

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6 Reasons (Besides Safety) to Invest in a Pool Safety Cover

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Have you been thinking of getting a pool safety cover? Perhaps so far you have been making do with a “winter cover” in the colder months of the year. What’s the difference between a winter cover and a safety cover? Well, actually, quite a lot. A winter cover is generally a tarp-like material that is placed over the swimming pool and held down with sandbags or other weights. Its main purpose is to keep debris out of your swimming pool. And of course, if it gets weighed down with heavy snow it can sink into the pool along with all the debris which was on top of it, making a colossal mess. A proper solid safety cover does much more than keep debris out of your swimming pool. Let’s examine 6 reasons (besides safety) to invest in a pool safety cover.

Keep the Critters Out

The solid construction of a pool safety cover does a great job of keeping critters out of your pool. Frogs, squirrels, and other unwanted animal kingdom guests will not be able to topple into the pool and come to harm. Furthermore, human critters will not be able to access the pool either. As a matter of fact, some municipalities in the Midwest allow a solid pool safety cover in lieu of a fence. Having both a safety cover and a fence is your best bet.

A Better Spring Pool Opening

A solid swimming pool safety cover keeps out debris but keeps out light as well. As a result, when you open your pool in the spring, you will have seriously lessened the likelihood of algae growing and gaining a foothold in your pool. Who wouldn’t like less maintenance when it comes to their swimming pool?

Control Evaporation and Retain Heat

If you use a solid pool cover during the warmer months of the year, there will be two benefits to your pool water. Frist, a pool cover dramatically cuts down on water evaporation. Next, the heat of the water will be retained and kept inside the pool rather than escaping. The Department of Energy says that covering a pool when not in use is the number one thing you can do to save energy (and cut heating costs).

Reduce Chemical Usage

In the winter, when you use your solid safety cover, rainwater will be prevented from entering your pool water. Thus, the chemicals you put in your pool for the winter will not be diluted. You can reduce your pool’s chemical usage by 35-60% with a pool cover. With regular use of your pool cover, you will not have as much organic waste buildup, which means using fewer chemicals.

Tidy Appearance

Particularly when you put your pool to bed for the winter, it is desirable to have a neat and tidy appearance. When you look out your window in the dead of winter, it is satisfying to see your pool covered up and not needing your attention until spring. The most you may need to do is brush off accumulated snow from time to time.

Make It Automatic

If you invest in a solid pool safety cover, why not make it automatic? It is pretty obvious that none of the advantages listed above will be attained if the pool cover is not used. To be sure you use it often, consider an automatic pool cover for ease in opening and closing. It is so simple. When using your pool, open it up and when finished, press a button and it will close. You will have all the benefits of energy-saving, reduced evaporation and chemical needs, a neat appearance, and, of course, safety for family members and pets.

We have given you 6 reasons (besides safety) to invest in a pool safety cover. They are durable and will last many years. In addition, they are cost-effective because over time they will save you money spent on heating and chemicals. A pool safety cover makes sense. If you have been putting off getting a pool safety cover, come and talk to our professionals at Aqua Pools. As Chicagoland’s premier pool builder, we can get you the cover you need to keep your pool and your family safe and sound. We can also answer all your questions and guide you to the best option for you and your family.

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