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7 Tips for Hosting the Biggest Baddest Pool Party

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7 Tips for Hosting the Biggest Baddest Pool Party

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Hosting a pool party is simple. People come over, they swim, they go home. That’s fine if you are hosting a plain old pool party. But, if you are wanting to host the biggest, baddest pool party of all time, you are going to have to put forth a little more effort. Don’t worry it won’t be hard and the reward is definitely worth the effort. Check out these tips to help you host an epic pool party!

Tip #1: Have a Theme

Start by choosing a theme. You can go all out with a huge theme like a luau or a Mediterranean party. Or keep it basic with a simple color scheme and unified decor. Even if you don’t go all out with a theme, adding decorations will help to bring your pool party together. It will make planning the rest of the party a lot easier because you know the end goal. Having a theme will also make your night special and more memorable.

Tip #2 Make a Great Playlist

Great parties have great music. You can make a custom playlist or find one of the many pool party playlists that others have already put together. Include some of your guests’ favorites, if you know them. You could also include some fun throwbacks that everyone will enjoy. Just remember that the music is a huge factor in setting the tone of the party, so make sure that you choose fun upbeat songs that will keep the party vibe going!

Tip #3 Pick the Right Food

To an extent, you are going to want the food at your party to go with your theme. However, you need to keep in mind that it is a pool party. People aren’t going to want to eat heavy foods then cannonball back into the pool. Choose foods that are light and fresh. Things that are on a stick or can be eaten with your fingers are a plus. Depending on the length of your party, you might want to consider having a lot of snack type foods, like kabobs or finger sandwiches, so people can eat throughout the party rather than at one designated time. After all, swimming causes you to work up quite the appetite.

Tip #4 Plan Pool Activities

Your guests can certainly just swim and will be happy to do so but you are going for the biggest, baddest pool party, so having a few extra tricks up your sleeve is a must. Start by choosing some fun pool floats to have floating around as the guests arrive. A variety of pool toys is also nice, including things like water balls, torpedoes and some classic dive rings. Once people have had plenty of opportunities to enjoy these things on their own, break out some more organized activities. Water volleyball and basketball are always fun. People also love classic pool games like Marco Polo and Chicken. Planning ahead for a few activities will help in the event that your party starts winding down before it is time.

Tip #5 Have a Few Other Activities

We know the pool is the main event, but having some other activities around for those who don’t want to swim is a great way to make sure all of your guests have a good time. Simple things like ladder ball, cornhole or horseshoes are always a hit. They also give your guests the opportunity to take a break from swimming, if needed.

Tip #6 Don’t Miss the Photo Ops

Typically guests aren’t going to be taking pictures while they are in the pool, but you certainly want them to remember this pool party! Set up a photo booth near the pool or consider designating a “photographer” who will capture all of those great action photos for your guests. Uploading them to social media with a fun #hashtag is also a fun idea.

Tip #7 Have a Plan to End the Party

Your guests are going to be having so much fun that some of them aren’t going to want to leave. Creating changes in the party vibe will help to signify that it’s time to go home. Change the lighting, turn off the music, have your family start drying off. All of these things will signal your guests that the party is over. It is also helpful to put an end time on any invitation that you put out, even if it is just a word of mouth invite.

These tips will help you turn your pool party from “good” to the biggest, baddest pool party of all time. If you are looking for any special products for your party, come see us at one of our showrooms. We are sure to have just what you are looking for.

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