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8 Things To Do For Your Pool Once Summer Is Over

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8 Things To Do For Your Pool Once Summer Is Over

Things to do to for your pool once summer is over

Now that summer is drawing to a close, it is time to start thinking about getting our swimming pools ready for the winter season. Naturally, timing is important. In Illinois, folks typically close their pools when the temperatures are consistently below 65 degrees during the day. In order to keep your pool in the best condition, preserve your pool equipment, and not have any nasty surprises when you re-open it in the spring, it is important to pay attention to some pool closing details. Take a look at our list of 8 things to do for your pool once summer is over. You’ll be glad you did!


1) Clean the Pool Thoroughly

Skim, brush, and vacuum the pool as you would in a normal cleaning session. You definitely don’t want to put your pool away dirty, as your sanitizer won’t work effectively and when you re-open it in the spring it will be in terrible condition. Test the water balance to determine the correct levels. Read this article for helpful information, or bring in a test sample to Aqua Pools for analysis.


2) Check Over the Equipment

Give your pump a check over to make sure it is working properly and that there is no calcium buildup on the chlorination cell. If you find signs of buildup, BioGuard SaltScapes Cell Cleaner®, is a good product to use to remove it.


3) Backwash Your Filter

A clean swimming pool is highly dependent on having a clean filtration system. When preparing your pool for winter, clean your filter before closing for the season. Check out Aqua Pool’s blog post on the three common types of pool filters and how to clean them. Run your pump at least 8 hours afterward.


4) Add Winterizing Chemicals

Everything concerning your pool works better when the water is balanced. It is important to prevent algae outbreaks in particular, as well as staining and scale. Add shock, oxidizer, and algaecide to your pool water as part of the winterizing process. There are convenient winterizing chemical kits available that will include everything you need for optimal closing.  


5) Winterize Equipment

Winterize your pool equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes draining the pump and heater, making sure no water remains in them. Remove the plugs and store them carefully. If you have questions about this step, the Aqua Pools pros can advise you, or perform the service for you.


6) Remove Accessories 

To prevent rust, remove all ladders and rails and other such equipment and store it away in a dry place.


7) Cover the Pool

The last step in putting your pool away for the winter season is to cover it securely. There are lots of options for covers, the most popular being one that is strong enough to keep out debris and sunlight, and prevent people or animals from falling through.


8) When In Doubt, Call In the Pros

Without a doubt, closing your pool can be a DIY project. This list of 8 things to do for your pool once summer is over will get you off to a good start. However, some people find the procedure somewhat daunting and are more comfortable calling in the professionals to do the job for them.  

Our technical experts at Aqua Pools have years of experience doing pool closings in our area. Don’t hesitate to call us for advice or to perform the service for you. The ideal situation is to open your pool in the spring and find it in perfect, issue-free condition! Call us today, we are here to help.



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