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A Swim Spa Can Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals This Year

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A Swim Spa Can Help You Crush Your Fitness Goals This Year

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New Year, New You? Every year you make a promise to yourself to get fit in the New Year. But do you dread being one of the newbies walking into the gym the first week of January? You may feel like you stand out like a sore thumb in your new workout gear and your unfamiliarity with the equipment. Plus, it seems as if everyone and their brother flock to the gym at the start of the year and you have to wait to use the machines or weights. No doubt about it, it’s not setting up your fitness program for success. Why not get fit in the privacy of your own backyard? Let’s talk about how a swim spa can help you crush your fitness goals this year!

Set the Bar Low – at First

The first step in starting any new fitness plan is to set your goals. What do you hope to accomplish? A big mistake a lot of us make is to set too many goals right at the start. We recommend that you start small and not overwhelm yourself with a long list of things you must accomplish in 30 days. Most people give up on their fitness goals because they are overwhelmed by the effort required. Start small and surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Track Your Progress

Make your goals measurable. Write your goal down in a journal and set a date by when you would like to see results. When you see over time that you have dropped pounds or can do more exercise repetitions you will find even more motivation to keep going. If you have tracked your progress you can see that you have tangible evidence of your progress.

Put Your Workouts on the Calendar

One of the keys to success is creating a schedule for your swim spa workouts and stick to it. Put it on the calendar. Don’t just think you will workout when you have a bit of spare time. Make it a priority to schedule this time for yourself. The best thing is, it couldn’t be more convenient to get to when your swim spa is right in your own backyard. 

Assess Your Equipment

Do you have everything you need for a successful swim spa workout? There are a variety of accessories you can use to make your workouts even more effective and enjoyable.  Some popular swim spa exercise accessories are ankle weights, resistance bands, a rowing kit, water dumbbells, and fan paddles. These items can be powerful tools for building strength as part of your workout, as well as adding variety to your routine.

Devise a Program

Once you are all set up with a plan and the tools for success, where do you begin? You’ll want to start with a warm-up to get your heart rate up. Follow with exercises to strengthen your upper body, lower body, and core. Choose a cardio routine such as swimming laps, rowing, or jogging in place. Finish your routine with some cool-down stretches. The versatility of the swim spa means you can both get your work out in and relax afterward. Be sure to schedule a relaxing soak sometime after your exercise routine.

Your Swim Spa is an Investment in Your Health

Your swim spa is one of the best investments you can make for your total health and fitness. Besides being a great place to relax and unwind, your swim spa can provide you with a place to do a complete body workout. Swimming is considered a fabulous way to get fit, but you can up your fitness game even more. Consider incorporating some additional exercises to your swim spa routine to develop even greater strength and fitness. Workout routines can be designed for people of all fitness levels, so don’t wait. Start today and make a plan for better fitness in the new year.

There is no doubt a swim spa can help you crush your fitness goals this year! Your journey towards better health can begin with your swim spa and our professionals at Aqua Pools are here to answer your questions. Give us a call or stop by our convenient showrooms for more information.

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