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A Very Merry Celebration in Your Hot Tub

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A Very Merry Celebration in Your Hot Tub

a very merry celebration in your hot tub

Would you be game to try something new this holiday season? Most of us love repeating our same holiday traditions year after year, and there is plenty of comfort and joy in doing so. But how about this year, you shake things up and start up a new tradition? Create a new holiday ritual that your family will look forward to repeating! How about a very merry celebration in your hot tub?

First Things First

Start your holiday hot tub celebration with a squeaky clean hot tub. Tidy up the area surrounding it, and sweep a path if there is any snow. Bring out the patio heaters and you are good to begin.

Set the Scene With Festive Lighting

If you are fortunate enough to have a lighting feature on your hot tub, you could adjust the colors to red or green. If not, why not string up some festive fairy lights around the hot tub? Better yet, string up some Christmas lights to really set the holiday mood! You can even have an outdoor Christmas tree to make everything merry and bright.

Create a Holiday Vibe

Nothing gets one in the holiday spirit like traditional holiday aromas. Balsam, peppermint, cinnamon, baked cookies, you name it, there is a candle you could light that will evoke the perfect seasonal ambiance. Surround your hot tub with aromatic candles and give your family an instant shot of holiday spirit. Or, bring the seasonal scents into your hot tub with Spazazz® aromatherapy products that are safe for your spa.

Trigger Happy Feelings with Flowers

A study at Rutgers University showed that “the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner”. Now if that isn’t a good reason to surround your hot tub with lots of holiday poinsettias, I don’t know what is. These seasonal plants are cheerful, colorful, and add the perfect festive touch to your hot tub scene.

Set the Mood with Holiday Music

Music is far more than just entertainment. Scientists have shown that music can relax not just our minds, but our bodies as well. Did you know that music has the power to lower a person’s blood pressure and cortisol levels (known as the “stress hormone”)? This is a real benefit during the hectic holiday season when many of us are stressed out by all the demands on our time and pocketbooks. So put on those festive seasonal tunes and spread the joy around your hot tub.

Bring On the Holiday Treats

Most of us associate special foods and beverages with the holiday season, and there is no reason those treats have to be confined indoors. Your family will love it if you serve them mugs of eggnog and hot chocolate before or after their hot tub soak. Bring out the sugar cookies you decorated with love, and you will create a special tradition everyone will want to see continued out by the hot tub year after year.

The Crowning Cozy Holiday Touch

We all know folks who buy matching holiday pajamas for everyone in the family. There is something about the holidays that brings out the fun spirit in all of us. Instead of pajamas that would only be worn once, why not gift your family members with a new terrycloth robe to wear out by the hot tub? It sure would be a more practical gift than an ugly Christmas sweater. Don’t forget your camera! Your holiday photos out by the hot tub will be priceless.

Did we convince you that it is possible to create a very merry celebration in your hot tub? With a little planning, you can take your festivities outside and start a new tradition everyone in the family will love. Give it a try this year and just see if your family isn’t thrilled. 

Aqua Pools has all the supplies you need to make your hot tub the perfect place to celebrate the holidays. Shop online for added convenience this season for a very merry celebration! 


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