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How Young Is Too Young for a Hot Tub?

Children can safely enjoy a hot tub by following some safety rules

Hot tubs are a wonderful addition to your home. To keep children safe in and around the hot tub, here are some tips to keep in mind. Under Five is Too Young To Be in a Hot Tub The CDC and the Red Cross both agree that children under the age of five should not […]

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The Optimal Temperature for Your Hot Tub

The optimal temperature of your hot tub is mainly a matter of personal preference. However, there are some rules of thumb you need to follow. Most hot tubs are set between 95 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Studies have shown that most people’s optimal settings are between 100 and 102. Here are some ways to […]

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The Lesser Known Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  There are many benefits of hydrotherapy. Warm water is a natural way to help you achieve health, wellness, and fitness goals. Most people know that relaxing in warm water can soothe those pesky aches and pains. However, there are other benefits you may not know about. Weight Loss For example, did you know that […]

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Caring for Your Pool Cover This Winter

pool cover

The time has come to close your pool for the season. That means giving your pool a good cleaning and putting on the cover to protect it from debris and snow. In order to properly care for your pool this winter, it is vital to care for your pool cover, as well. Depending on what […]

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How Late in the Year can you swim in Illinois?


As the weather starts to cool off here in Illinois, you may begin to wonder, “How much time do I have left to swim in my pool?” After all, there will come a time in the year where you’ll have to cover your pool up for the winter while you wait for warmer weather to […]

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Fall is the Best Time for a Pool Renovation

pool renovation

It’s time to face the facts, your pool is in desperate need of a renovation. Its glory days are behind it and the pool is causing more work than enjoyment. Don’t worry! A quick renovation will have your pool looking great again. This fall is the perfect time to get the renovations done. While most […]

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Viking Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages

Viking vinyl liner

Viking Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages When you close your eyes, you can see it…the pool of your dreams. It is totally customized, easy to take care of and the install was a breeze. I did say this was the pool of your dreams, but actually, all of those things can be a reality when you […]

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The Perfect Pool Company has 5 Essential Ingredients

perfect pool company

Baking is an art and finding the perfect pool company isn’t much different. Anyone can throw ingredients together and produce a “cookie”. The product may look like a cookie, but when you bite into it you are not fooled. The ingredients that they used were not what the cookie needed! Other people take special care […]

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What are the Best Alternatives to a Chlorine Pool?

alternative chlorine

What are the Best Alternatives to a Chlorine Pool? Ahhh, the smell of chlorine. For some, it is a staple fragrance of summer. For others, the very smell has their nose twitching and their skin itching. If you fall in the latter group, you are probably on the lookout for a good alternative to chlorine […]

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Your Handy Checklist For Safe Swimming

safe swimming

Swimming is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Parents enjoy swimming with their kids. Watching them conquer their fears, learn new things, and the laughter that radiates from them as they splash brings back memories of their own childhood summers spent at the pool. As a parent, that enjoyment also comes with a certain amount of […]

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4 Reasons to Install a Pool in the Fall

fall pool installation

Summer is nearly over, and you still haven’t gotten a chance to install that pool you’ve been dreaming about. By the time you thought you were ready to begin this project, spring and summer were already here. Your new pool needed to be in the ground, like, yesterday. But you don’t want to delay any […]

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Pool Owner’s Guide to Utility Conservation


All of the fun that you have splashing and playing in the pool quickly vanishes when you open the utility bill of an inefficient pool. That doesn’t have to be the case. Energy efficiency has come a long way in recent years. With a little forethought and the right products, you can reduce your utility […]

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The 4 Trendiest Pool Floats This Year

pool floats

Summer is here and your Instagram and Facebook feeds are about to be taken over. Pictures of all your friends enjoying their inground pools while perched atop perfect pool floats will be found with every scroll. The iconic pool float has taken on a life of its own over the last few summers and things […]

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11 Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

Everyone loves swimming. In fact, it is America’s favorite recreational activity for those under the age of 17 and still ranks as the 4th most popular recreational activity for all ages. Really, the love of pools dates back farther than even the birth of this great nation. To celebrate the rich history of swimming and […]

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Drowning: Know The Signs

As a pool owner the burden of pool safety falls on your shoulders; you are the unofficial lifeguard for your pool! Having a bit of pool safety knowledge up your sleeve is a must. Today we are going to cover the topic of drowning. You have probably heard it said that drowning doesn’t look like […]

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3 Tips for Choosing your Child’s Pool Floatie


Your backyard pool is fun for the whole family.  Even the littlest of kids can enjoy the water with their families. It is important to make sure that they have the proper flotation device to keep them safe. The market is bursting at the seams with different flotation options ranging from flimsy and cute to […]

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What do I do if someone poops in the pool?

The 5 most dreaded words of every pool owner: “Someone pooped in the pool!!” It doesn’t happen often but when it does, you need a plan. We have put together a quick reference guide to help you know what to do if you do find poop in the pool. Why is it necessary to close […]

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7 Tips for Hosting the Biggest Baddest Pool Party

pool party

Hosting a pool party is simple. People come over, they swim, they go home. That’s fine if you are hosting a plain old pool party. But, if you are wanting to host the biggest, baddest pool party of all time, you are going to have to put forth a little more effort. Don’t worry it […]

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What Are The Pool Building Regulations Where I Live?

Pools are all fun, games and cannonballs! Well, at least your pool will be once it is installed. First, there is that little matter of building regulations. Yes, pools do have to comply with building regulations. In fact, they are subject to codes and regulations at the state and municipal level. It is even possible […]

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4 Smokin’ Hot Trends in Viking Pool Design for 2019

Constructing the perfect pool design for your backyard is exciting. There is no shortage of inspiration ideas on websites like Houzz and Pinterest. Before you make any decisions about what your pool project is going to look like, you want to know the latest and greatest. We are sharing the 4 hottest pool trends for […]

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Opening Your Pool

It’s finally here! Time to open your pool! There is nothing that pool owners simultaneously anticipate and dread more than pool opening. Yes, you are excited that the swim season is just around the corner, but there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done first. Check out these 5 mistakes to […]

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Fitness For Seniors: How a Swimming Pool Can Help

Getting older is a bit of a mixed bag. There are certain things about aging that are actually kind of nice. You get great discounts at local restaurants, you have more time to do the things you love and there is a certain freedom to truly not care what other people think. On the other […]

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Design Your Own Swimming Pool Oasis

Take a minute to stop and think about the most luxurious oasis you have ever seen or experienced. What is it about that space that calls to you? What parts are the most beautiful or relaxing? Now imagine entering a space like that as soon as you walk out your backdoor. Creating that type of […]

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How long can I expect my pool to last?


Installing a pool at your home is a major life decision. You are investing in something that will impact your family for years to come. You want to make sure that you do everything you can to make that pool last as long as possible. So how long can you expect a pool to last? […]

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5 Tips for an easy pool opening

Finally, you walked outside and the cold winter air is no longer hitting you in the face. The sun is out and a smile comes over your face. You start to think about all the fun you will have this summer enjoying your inground pool. But wait… THE POOL! Your smile fades a little as […]

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Staycations start with “Swimming Pool”

Vacations are made for relaxing by the pool. On vacation you can let the stress of everyday life melt away as you enjoy carefree time of rejuvenation. When you invest in your own pool, you don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy all of these things. All you have to do is step out […]

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Hydrotherapy for Autism

All parents want what is best for their kids. That statement is never more true than for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Their lives are often consumed with different therapies and treatments all done in an effort to help their child reach their full potential. If that is you, there is one […]

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How to Enjoy your Hot Tub all Year Long

hot tub

Living in the mid-west means that you get to enjoy 4 distinct seasons. You experience beautiful blankets of snow, the excitement of a spring bloom, hot days by the pool and the brilliant colors of fall. The downside is that the number of “ideal” days to enjoy outdoor activities are a tad fewer than your […]

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Why is a hot tub cover important?

Every part of your hot tub has a unique function. You take special care of the pump, jets and the tub itself to make sure that they continue performing like the first day you stepped into your hot tub. Yet, when it comes to your cover, the treatment isn’t the same. You use it to […]

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Perfect Hot Tub Temperature

Some like it hot, some do not. Whether you are talking about the weather, a refreshing shower or your hot tub. Everyone has their own definition of hot and their own temperature preference. When it comes to finding the ideal temperature for your hot tub, there are really 3 things to consider; safety, economics and […]

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Why is a hot tub great for families

Traditionally, the hot tub market has belonged to the empty nesters. The kids are grown and out of the house. You have a little more discretionary income and a lot more time, so you invest in a hot tub. It just makes sense, but waiting until the kids leave the house to invest in a […]

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5 Elements to the Perfect Hot Tub Date Night

Let’s be honest, date nights typically favor one partner over the other. You are either going somewhere that he prefers or doing something that she loves. It is rare to find a date night that you both enjoy equally. That is not the case with a hot tub date night. It is one date that […]

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Hot tubs not just for the rich and famous

Since they made their movie debut in the 70’s, hot tubs have been a symbol of fame and fortune. Whenever a movie director needs to create a romantic scene, they use a hot tub. Need to shoot a sentimental heart to heart? Do it in a hot tub. Trying to create a lavish high-end party […]

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High-End vs. Entry-Level Hot tubs

The hot tub world and the car world really aren’t so different. They both have many manufacturers with different models available from each company. They both offer everything from hunks of junk that cause more problems than they are worth, to the highest luxury you could imagine. Entry-level hot tubs are like the Ford Tauruses […]

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Fun Facts About hot tubs

Country to Country, age to age, people everywhere go nuts for the healing benefits of a hot tub. In fact, it is estimated that there are over 25 million hot tubs worldwide. At any given time there are approximately 18,000 people enjoying a relaxing soak, which is really quite impressive. To celebrate the rich history […]

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How Hot Tubs Prevent Illness

As we head into winter, we are also heading into the “sick season”. The CDC reports getting more cases of the cold and flu during the months of December, January and February than any other months. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to help prevent illness and they could even start in your […]

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