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6 Easy Steps To Eliminate Cloudy Spa Water

Ah, you remove the cover of your hot tub and prepare to immerse yourself for a relaxing soak in its clean, clear water, and…. Ew. The water is cloudy, uninviting, and potentially dangerous. This is a common disappointment, but luckily, easily rectified. What can you do? Let’s look at 6 easy steps to eliminate cloudy […]

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What NOT To Do In Your Hot Tub

You love your hot tub. You love it for romantic date nights, reducing stress, improving range of motion, managing chronic pain, helping insomnia, and about 100 other reasons. We are preaching to the choir when we sing the praises of hot tubs. You use it all the time and love its benefits. We get it. […]

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10 Life-Saving Hot Weather Pool Safety Tips

The summer heat can be brutal, but with a pool, refreshing relief is right in your own backyard! However, safety is crucial for you and your family. With these 10 life-saving hot weather pool safety tips, you can safely enjoy your favorite pastime with your family. 1. Hydration When swimming, you may not realize that […]

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The Best Ways to Meet and Get to Know Your New Neighbors

Host a cookout to get to know your new neighbors

Imagine neighborhood clubhouses equipped with pools, saunas, grilling stations, and even fully-functioning kitchens. These are some of the amenities you’ll find in many upscale neighborhoods. Neighbors gather there to meet and become better acquainted. What if your neighborhood doesn’t have a clubhouse like that? No problem! Look no further than your own backyard. Here are […]

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Change Up Your Aquatic Exercise Routine at Home

Dumbbell and swimming pool for aquatic exercise routine at home

There are so many different aquatic exercises to try in your pool. You don’t have to just swim, although swimming is excellent for building strength and burning calories. If you’re looking for something different, though, the Aqua Pools team has some tips on how you can change up your aquatic exercise routine at home. Upper […]

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Create a Personal Backyard Spa Retreat

A backyard spa retreat with a Marquis hot tub

If you were looking for a spa escape this summer, you might be disappointed by canceled travel plans. What about booking a stay at a luxurious spa resort? Or getting that much-needed massage from head to toe to work out all those kinks in your muscles? Or lounging outside in the sunshine, enveloped by fresh […]

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Stay Fit after 50 with a Swim Spa

Older male athlete stays fit after 50 with a swim spa

As we get older, staying fit becomes a bit more challenging, but it’s certainly not impossible. While stiff joints and back problems are more prominent as we age, an active lifestyle is the best way to keep that at bay. We once wrote about how to stay limber after 50 with regular hot tub use, […]

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Graduation Celebration in Your Backyard

Cap and diploma for a graduation celebration in a backyard

After years of hard work and thousands of assignments, many high school and college students are proud graduates. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, however, they received bad news: their graduation ceremonies were canceled. While they will still earn their degrees, gone is the option to wear the cap and gown with their fellow […]

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Is a Saltwater Hot Tub Right for You?

saltwater hot tub

You’ve heard of saltwater pools, but do you know about saltwater hot tubs? While both traditional and saltwater spas provide the same relaxing soak, there are a few key differences. Not only in the way the hot tubs operate, but also in how you care for them. In this blog, we’ll run through the basics […]

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Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget Your Hot Tub!

spring cleaning, don't forget your hot tub!

Spring has officially sprung and you know what that means: spring cleaning! From deep cleaning to reorganizing, spring is the perfect time to tackle tasks you’ve been putting off. If you are starting to make plans for spring cleaning, don’t forget your hot tub! Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule Keeping your hot tub clean is one […]

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Can A Hot Tub Overheat?

Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

You love sinking into the warm waters of your hot tub, especially when the weather’s cool. But now that the days are warming up, maybe you’ve noticed that your hot tub seems a bit warmer than usual. Now you’re wondering, can a hot tub overheat? Like anything with a mechanical motor, a hot tub could […]

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May is National Water Safety Month

Mother and daughter swimming safely in pool water

May is National Water Safety Month! At Aqua Pools, we celebrate all things pools, including water safety. We want you to have the best summer staycation in your backyard, and that’s why we strive to design and construct our award-winning pools. To help ensure that your family has nothing but a good time in your […]

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Keep your pool clean in a crisis

Chemicals that will keep your pool clean

Liquid sodium hypochlorite – otherwise known as liquid chlorine – is a compound of chemicals that’s easy to obtain and use, and really good at sanitizing your pool water and keeping it from growing algae. But during this time, liquid chlorine has risen to be a bit of an unsung hero. It disinfects bacteria and […]

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Do You Have to Have a Fence Around Your Pool?

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pool to complete your backyard, it’s important to understand the laws and restrictions that come with being a responsible pool owner. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve owned a pool your whole life, you may be wondering if you have to have a fence around your pool. The short […]

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Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

Just like with any big purchase, you’re spending a considerable amount of time shopping through all your options before investing in a hot tub or swim spa. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, but they do serve different purposes so it’s important to understand the difference. Let’s dive in and take a look […]

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Longing for a Staycation? Let Us Help!


Crowded beachy vibes, amusement park entertainment, or cruising with the multitudes across the deep blue sea might have been on your list of vacation excursions this year. But what do you do when travel plans get cancelled or delayed? You plan the staycation of a lifetime, that’s what you do! How, you ask? By bringing […]

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What Are My Financing Options?

pool floats

As you’re walking through the showroom aisles, shopping for that perfect hot tub, pool, or swim spa, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the price tags. At Aqua Pools, we believe that buying a hot tub should be as stress-free as the relaxing soak you plan to take when you get home. That’s why […]

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Can a Hot Tub Have Too Many Jets?


You walk down the showroom aisles of your local warehouse store and browse their selection of hot tubs, searching for the perfect one to bring home. They look nice, the prices are low, and they each have a bounty of jets. It makes you wonder if more is always a good thing. What makes a […]

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