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What Are the Advantages of Owning a Fiberglass Pool in Illinois?

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What Are the Advantages of Owning a Fiberglass Pool in Illinois?

advantage of owning a fiberglass pool in Illinois

Have you been dreaming of putting in a new pool? If so, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is “What are the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool in Illinois?” The answer is that there are plenty of reasons to choose a fiberglass pool in our area of the country. “But what about the cold winters?” you ask. As a matter of fact, our cold winter weather is not an obstacle to installing a fiberglass pool in your backyard. Let’s take a look at the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool. 

Fiberglass Pools Are A Great Choice in Illinois

Did you hear somewhere that a fiberglass pool might not be a good choice for a colder climate? We aren’t sure where that idea came from because our Canadian neighbors to the north have fiberglass pools from coast to coast that are performing great in their frosty winters. Fiberglass pools have the ability to withstand freeze/thaw cycles brilliantly. While the soil around them expands and contracts, the fiberglass pool is unfazed.

Superior Strength is One of the Advantages of Owning a Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools have a great strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them lightweight to install, but extremely durable. This tensile strength allows them to withstand unstable soil conditions and fluctuating temperatures. A fiberglass pool is flexible and resistant to damage.

Fiberglass Pools Cost Less to Maintain

Another advantage of owning a fiberglass pool is that it costs less to maintain over time. In fact, over a 10-year period, a fiberglass pool can cost up to 75% less to maintain than a concrete pool. Most fiberglass pools that are well maintained require no significant maintenance on the shell for up to 20 years. In contrast, a vinyl liner pool will need its liner replaced during that time. Also, the finish of a fiberglass pool is resistant to UV light, so it won’t fade over time.

Fiberglass Pools Are Better For the Environment

Fiberglass pools are considered an environmentally-friendly choice because they require fewer chemicals to maintain. For example, algae can’t easily grab hold of the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool, and therefore this means adding fewer chemicals. When you are using fewer chemicals, your pump can operate at more energy-efficient speeds, which is better for the environment, as well as costing you less money.

Fast Installation Time

One thing about deciding to have an inground pool installed is that once you have made that decision, you want it NOW. The good news is that fiberglass pools are relatively fast to install. The process will take a matter of a couple of weeks (or less), rather than months as does a concrete pool. Aqua Pools partners with Latham Pools®, which has a comprehensive article on the installation process of fiberglass pools. 

What are the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool in Illinois? As you can see, there are many. Fiberglass pools are an extremely popular choice in our area of the country, for good reason. Aqua Pools has decades of experience installing fiberglass pools and we hope we have given you some thoughts on why they may be the perfect choice for you. Our professional staff is on hand to answer all your questions and get you on our build schedule.

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