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Busted! 3 Hot Tub Myths (& the Truth!)

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Busted! 3 Hot Tub Myths (& the Truth!)

hot tub myths

Buying a hot tub is a big deal. Owning one changes your life! Once you’re able to get home and immediately relax in true comfort you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

You’ve been thinking about getting a hot tub for a while. But you’ve heard a few things from friends and you’ve seen comments online that make you a little hesitant. Let’s talk about some of the common myths associated with hot tubs and discover the truth.

3 Common Myths Worth Busting

Myth 1: They’re Are For Rich People

If you search for hot tub prices online there is no doubt that you’ll find a few that have a hefty price tag. But there are also a lot that are very affordable. It’s all about what your needs are and what you want. There are thousands of brands and models to choose from. And most companies, like Aqua Pools, have financing options available. So you don’t have to have movie-star money to enjoy movie-star treatment!

Myth 2: They’re Not Energy Efficient

This one is almost laughable. Our hot tubs are extremely energy efficient. While it’s true that they have a heater, they are very well insulated. Once the water is hot, it takes a long time to cool which means less energy is used to maintain it. And if you do a few things like keeping the cover closed when you’re not using it then your energy consumption goes down even more.

Using your hot tub once or twice a week will also satiate your desire to relax in a bathtub. You’ll start taking a lot more showers which equates to using a lot less water. That’s money in your pocket!

Myth 3: They’re Not Clean

Ridiculous! The motor that is attached to a hot tub is about the same as the motor on most swimming pools. Think about that. It means that it is able to filter the same amount of water but instead of working with tens of thousands of gallons it only has to clean a few hundred. The water in your hot tub is getting cleaned a lot!

And if you ever have a question about the cleanliness of your water, all you have to do is give us a call at Aqua Pools or come visit us in our showroom. You can bring us a sample of your water and we’ll help you figure out what chemicals you need to add to get it as clean as possible.

And if you have any other rumors about hot tubs that you want to learn the truth about, our friendly staff would be happy to be your mythbusters!

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