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Can a Hot Tub Have Too Many Jets?

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Can a Hot Tub Have Too Many Jets?


You walk down the showroom aisles of your local warehouse store and browse their selection of hot tubs, searching for the perfect one to bring home. They look nice, the prices are low, and they each have a bounty of jets. It makes you wonder if more is always a good thing. What makes a hot tub worth the price, and is there such a thing as too many jets? 

Too Many Jets, Not Enough Relief

When you spot a hot tub sporting an ample display of jets, it’s fairly common to assume a spa with a ton of jets gets the job done. The number one reason people invest in a hot tub is for the massage of a lifetime, in the convenience of their own home. So imagine your surprise when you settle in for a nice soak and all the jets are positioned in the same direction, are the same size, with the same amount of pressure. It might feel nice, but it won’t get you the hydrotherapy you deserve. 

Quality Over Quantity

Numerous jets aren’t always a bad thing. But, when you’re shopping for a hot tub to deliver that life-changing total body massage, it should be up to par with your expectations. Look for hot tubs that have customizable pressure settings. If your neck and shoulders are tense, shooting water full blast on your lower back won’t help you. They should also be able to be re-positioned or at least facing a variety of directions. When it comes to your hot tub’s jets, size does matter. You’ll want to make sure the jets range in size for a more effective experience. 

At Aqua Pools, we understand the value of high-quality. We strive to bring you a selection of top-notch hot tubs that deliver the hydro-therapeutic massage you deserve. Contact us today and schedule a test soak, or swing by the showroom and browse the floor. 

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