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Can A Hot Tub Overheat?

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Can A Hot Tub Overheat?

Can a Hot Tub Overheat?

You love sinking into the warm waters of your hot tub, especially when the weather’s cool. But now that the days are warming up, maybe you’ve noticed that your hot tub seems a bit warmer than usual. Now you’re wondering, can a hot tub overheat? Like anything with a mechanical motor, a hot tub could overheat, but if you own a high-quality hot tub and you treat it right, it probably won’t overheat.

Great Hot Tubs Have Safeguards to Prevent Overheating.

“You get what you pay for” is true in most things, and that includes hot tubs. When you buy a high-quality hot tub, like one of the Marquis® and Dimension One® Spas that we carry here at Aqua Pools, it will come with built-in safeguards to protect it against overheating. 

For instance, there is a big difference in the insulation quality between entry-level and high-end hot tubs. Without good insulation, a hot tub has to work harder to regulate its water temperature. Plus, when the air temperature spikes, it can quickly heat up the interior components. But, if you get your hot tub at Aqua Pools, you can be sure that your spa is built with high-quality insulation and has other safeguards that will help it avoid overheating. 

Do Your Part

Even the best hot tub needs a little help from its owner to stay in peak condition. Well-maintained hot tubs aren’t likely to overheat. That’s one reason it’s important to stay on top of routine maintenance. If it ever does seem like your hot tub is running hotter than normal, check these things:

  • Is the filter cartridge clean and in good condition?
  • Is the water level below the skimmer? If so, your hot tub is sucking in excess air.
  • What is the water temperature? Marquis and Dimension One hot tubs have a safeguard that limits the water temperature being set above 104°F. But, older spas don’t have a governor, so verify that the water temperature isn’t too high. (Not only are temps above 104°F bad for your spa, but they’re dangerous to soak in, too!)
  • How hot is it outside? When summer temperatures soar, the water in your hot tub will get warmer, too. So nudge the temperature setting down to about 98°. The hot ambient air will raise your water temperature up those final few degrees.

If you’re still not sure if your hot tub is running at the right temperature, give us a call! Our service team is here to make sure your spa stays in tip-top shape. 

And if it’s time to upgrade from your tired, old hot tub, choose Aqua Pools for your new spa! Our selection of Dimension One Spas and Marquis Hot Tubs will wow you with their high performance and luxurious features. Contact us and we’ll help you find the hot tub of your dreams!


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