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Can a Swim Spa Improve the Quality of Your Life?

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Can a Swim Spa Improve the Quality of Your Life?

can a swim spa improve your quality of life

Can a swim spa improve the quality of your life? Without a doubt. If you are going to do one thing to improve both your health and the functionality of your backyard, getting a swim spa is the number one thing you should consider. A swim spa is a multifunctional addition to your space that will benefit you and your family in numerous ways. As a matter of fact, for many people, it is a choice that is positively life-changing. 

A Swim Spa Takes Up Less Room Than a Pool

Backyards are getting smaller. Many of us find that we are in a space that simply does not have room for a full-sized swimming pool. The compact size of a swim spa fits in many of today’s smaller backyard spaces that could not accommodate a pool. It is a smaller-scale vessel that allows you all the swimming benefits of a larger pool. 

A Swim Spa is More Affordable Than a Full-Sized Pool

The cost of a swim spa is half that of a full-sized pool, perhaps even less. They are a much more affordable option that makes them an attractive choice for many families who aren’t financially ready for a full-sized pool just yet. An added bonus is that it costs less to maintain than a full-sized pool.

A Swim Spa is Multifunctional  

Aqua Pools carries Marquis® Athletic Training Vessel™ swim spas. When you invest in one, you get a multifunctional exercise vessel that offers many fitness and health options that combine the advantages of a swimming pool, home gym, and hydrotherapy.

  • Swimming Pool: The Marquis ATV is equipped with propulsive turbo jets that permit swimming in place. The user gets all the benefits of swimming laps in a larger pool.
  • Home gym: In your ATV, you can row, use an aqua bike, run/jog in place, do low-impact aerobics, and do weight training exercises. There are numerous accessories available for activities beyond swimming.
  • Spa: Your swim spa offers the same features and benefits as a hot tub. You can relax, enjoy hydrotherapy jets and seating, and socialize with friends and family. 

Enhance Your Backyard Space

Installing a Marquis ATV is a perfect opportunity to create the backyard retreat of your dreams. You can feature the swim spa, and surround it with outside dining, deep seating, a fire pit, and customized lighting. It will become a focal point for family and social gatherings. A swim spa will improve the quality of your life by enhancing your outside space and transforming your backyard in ways you never imagined. 

Teach Your Kids to Swim

One of the ways a swim spa improves the quality of your life is that it is the perfect place to teach young children to swim. The warmth of the water, the comfortable surroundings of home, and the controlled environment are less traumatic to younger children than going to public swim lessons. Knowing how to swim is an essential skill, and providing this to your kids is invaluable.

Health Benefits of a Swim Spa

The primary way a swim spa can improve the quality of your life is through the health benefits it provides. Some of the numerous health benefits are better sleep, relaxation and stress relief, better cardiovascular health, improved joint flexibility, and relief from chronic pain and arthritis. An added perk is that many people find a swim spa improves the quality of their life by helping them in their weight loss efforts. 

Year Round Use

Perhaps one of the greatest ways a Marquis ATV swim spa can improve the quality of your life is by being available for your use year-round. This is a very big reason many people in our area of Illinois are attracted to the idea of getting a swim spa. 


Can a swim spa improve the quality of your life? We hope we have provided you with some convincing reasons to consider purchasing one for your family. If you would like the benefits of a swimming pool but are concerned about the high price and the amount of space they take up, a Marquis ATV could be the ideal alternative. Aqua Pools is the number one swim spa dealer in our area of Illinois.  Come into our Homer Glen showroom and let us discuss which model might suit you best. 

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