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Can I Use Aromatherapy Oils In My Hot Tub?

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Can I Use Aromatherapy Oils In My Hot Tub?

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From florals to fruits and everything in between, aromatherapy oils are extremely popular and seem to be in almost everything. That lavender shampoo, rose scented lotion, even the sandalwood candle on your mantle – all use oil derived from plants to create an enticing smell that leaves you walking on cloud nine. One of the biggest factors that make essential oil so popular is the physical effects they bring in addition to a lovely scent. 

You can find an aromatherapy oil for almost any mood, whether you’re seeking to relax after a long day or give yourself an energy boost in the morning. Some oils even offer sleep support and pain relief. With so many wellness benefits, you might find yourself incorporating essential oils into other parts of your self care routine. However, if you’ve ever wondered “can I use aromatherapy oils in my hot tub?” The answer may surprise you.

How Do They Work?

Science says that when you inhale the aroma from essential oils, the scent molecules travel from the olfactory nerves to the amygdala of your brain, which is the area that impacts your emotions. Aromatherapy is not new. It has been used as a form of therapy for hundreds of years. There have been more recent clinical trials that have studied whether aromatherapy can help with various health issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders. Scientists have mixed opinions on the effectiveness of aromatherapy. However, there is no doubt that many of us enjoy using them.

Can I Use Aromatherapy Oils in the Hot Tub?

The short answer here is no. You already probably realize the negative effect body oils, suntan products, and other skin lotions have on the quality of water in your hot tub. Over time, these products build up and cause an unsightly oily film in the water of your spa. Adding essential oils for aromatherapy purposes will have exactly the same unwelcome effect on your water quality. Furthermore, they can clog your filter. 

There is Some Good News for Aromatherapy Lovers

You would never want to use the essential oils found in health stores or made for scent diffusers in your hot tub. Luckily there are products specifically made for hot tubs that can pass through your filtration system easily and leave no residue in your water. Typically, these products for spas come in a crystal form, similar to bath salts. 

Where Can I Get Aromatherapy Products for My Hot Tub?

You can find the RIGHT aromatherapy products at Aqua Pools! Our Spazazz® aromatherapy products are made especially for use in hot tubs. Try our Tropical Rain, Honey Mango, Sweet Pea Apple, and Pina Colada scents for the next level spa experience you crave. These products come with complete instructions for use. Order online today and you enjoy a better mood, softer skin, and soothed muscles in no time. Rest assured that these products will not clog your filter or affect your water chemistry. Give them a try!

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