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Can You Use Your Pool Chemicals in Your Hot Tub?

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Can You Use Your Pool Chemicals in Your Hot Tub?

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It’s a great day to use the hot tub, but first, it needs some attention. Oh no, wait, you are all out of your hot tub chemicals. No worries, you think. “I’ll just use my pool chemicals in the hot tub”.  Hold it right there my friend. This may not be such a good idea. You look at the containers of chemicals and the ingredients look pretty much the same. However, it turns out the chemical concentrations of pool chemicals and hot tub chemicals are very different and one should not be substituted for another. So, the answer to the question “can you use your pool chemicals in your hot tub?” is a definite “no”. Let’s explain why.


Your swimming pool holds a lot more water than your hot tub. For that reason, pool chemicals are very concentrated. If your pool products were as diluted as those used for your spa, you would need a container the size of a dumpster to do the job in the pool. On the other hand, if you use those concentrated pool chemicals in the much smaller volume of your spa, you will throw the chemical balance off into uncharted territory, making the soaking experience very unpleasant for your users. You could even cause damage to your spa equipment.


The water in a hot tub is much warmer than the water in your pool. This extra heat causes chemical reactions to happen much quicker in the hot tub.  This affects the balance of your pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels.


The jets in your hot tub stir up the water considerably. This agitation disperses any added chemicals much more efficiently in a hot tub than in a swimming pool. This further accelerates the chemical reactions in the water. Again, the chemical balance in your hot tub will fluctuate and be thrown off. 


The combined effects of the heat in a hot tub’s water along with the increased rate of circulation causes a faster rate of evaporation. This means the chemicals you add are even more concentrated. Swimming pool chemicals become super-charged when added to a hot tub, which can cause damage to users and equipment.

It’s All a Matter of Balance

Can you use your pool chemicals in your hot tub? It turns out that you should not mix and match these products. The ingredients listed on the containers may be similar, yet the concentrations differ greatly. The chemicals used in swimming pools are much more concentrated than those used in hot tubs. Hot tub chemicals are more diluted and are also used in much smaller quantities. What you add to your pool is intended for the much larger volume of water contained there, and is not meant for hot tubs. Using pool chemicals in your hot tub will throw off your water balance, could irritate users’ skin, and even cause damage to your equipment. 

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