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Caring for Your Pool Cover This Winter

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Caring for Your Pool Cover This Winter

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The time has come to close your pool for the season. That means giving your pool a good cleaning and putting on the cover to protect it from debris and snow. In order to properly care for your pool this winter, it is vital to care for your pool cover, as well. Depending on what kind of pool cover you have, there will be different steps to take to ensure that your cover is in tip-top shape.

Here are some tips on how to care for your pool cover this winter.


Inground Pool Safety Cover

Safety covers are secured tightly to the concrete around the pool using springs and anchors. They come in both mesh and solid models. Since there are no moving parts, safety covers typically require far less maintenance and service than automatic covers, but they aren’t entirely maintenance-free.

To prevent a green opening after winter is over, 6-8 weeks before opening add another quart of algaecide and refills floaters.

Check to see if your pool is leaking. If it snows, the safety cover will need the support of the water to carry the snow load. If the water drops too low, your safety cover could be damaged due to the weight.

Automatic Cover

While automatic covers require a little more maintenance, they are very easy to use. And with careful maintenance, they should be able to withstand a cold, snowy winter.

At least once a year – or before you close your pool up for winter – clear leaves and other debris from the motor housing so that water can more easily drain from the housing.

Check the track often and make sure the screws are tight. If they have become loose, tighten them. Thoroughly rinse out the track to make sure there isn’t any debris stuck inside before you close your pool for the season.

Check the webbing on the side of the cover for wear and tear. If damaged, it needs to be replaced before closing your pool.

Other General Tips

Whether you have a safety or automatic cover, there are a few general tips and maintenance that applies to both.

  • Check the cover for wear and tear.
  • If there are holes, patch them as soon as possible. Come stop by Aqua Pools if you need one.
  • If you have added pool chemicals to the water as part of your winter prep, wait a couple of hours before closing the cover. If chemicals and chemical gases aren’t allowed to disperse and air out, they can damage your pool cover.

Caring for your pool cover properly will protect your pool investment, and will ensure that when you open your pool in the next swim season, there will be less work to do to get it ready to swim in. At Aqua Pools, our Coverstar covers are the best at protecting your pool investment and your family. Available in durable mesh or solid covers, and as automatic covers, Coverstar covers keep out leaves, dust, and debris, and are strong enough to withstand winter. For more information on how to care for your pool cover, visit us either in Worth, IL, at 10517 Southwest Highway or in Homer Glen, IL, at 13445 W. 159th Street.

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