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How to Choose a Pool Cover for your Viking In-Ground Pool

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How to Choose a Pool Cover for your Viking In-Ground Pool

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How to Choose a Pool Cover for your Viking In-Ground Pool

You’ve spent tons of time, done all of the research, and finally picked a pool that is perfect for your family. You thought you had all of the decision making out of the way, until someone mentioned the pool cover. Yep, there is one final decision. Which pool cover is right for your Viking in-ground pool?

Know the Types of Pool Covers

Start by knowing your options. There are three main types of pool covers to choose from mesh, solid and automatic. Each has its own set of pros and cons. Knowing a little about them will help you pick the best cover for your Viking pool and your lifestyle. 

Mesh Pool Covers

A mesh pool cover is the least expensive option. It is lightweight and has a good life expectancy.  Another draw for customers is that it does not require a pump. These covers have a lot of attractive features, but also a few drawbacks. While these covers do keep large debris out of your pool, they do allow dirt and other organic matter into your water. That means in the spring, when you open the pool, you will have more cleaning and water stabilization to do. Perhaps the biggest drawback to mesh covers is that they are not as safe for children and pets. 

Solid and Automatic Pool Covers

The next two options are automatic and solid pool covers. Very similar in function, but one is automated and one isn’t.

Solid covers are put on manually, while automatic covers come on and off with the flip of a switch. Both options are technically a “solid cover”. They have a few advantages over a mesh cover. They will keep all debris and UV light out of your pool when in use, giving you less to do in the spring. Your water will be clean and almost swim-ready when you open it. These types of covers are very safe. Some solid covers are so strong you could even drive a car on them, though it is not recommended. The drawback to these covers is the cost. Solid covers, especially automatic ones, cost much more than mesh. They also require more maintenance, and if you choose a solid cover, it is heavy and cumbersome to put on and take off.

How will you use it?

Now that you know a little about the types of covers, you should consider how you will use one. Automatic covers are intended for daily use and are an ideal option if you have children and pets that you are concerned about. An automatic cover keeps your pool safe any time it is not in use. If you only plan to use your cover in the off-season, mesh or traditional solid covers are probably a better option.

How much do you want to spend?

Nobody likes to mention it, but cost is a factor. How much you want to spend on your cover plays a big role in which cover you should buy. Their cost can vary greatly. If a solid cover isn’t in the cards right now, you may decide to go with a mesh cover for a while until you can upgrade to what you really want. If you plan to go with an automatic cover eventually, you may want to consider doing it upfront because there are several benefits, including cost, to installing it at the time of construction.


One thing is for sure, you definitely need some kind of safety cover for your Viking pool. Knowing the pros and cons of each type and comparing that with how you intend to use your cover will ensure that you are getting the best cover for your pool. 

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