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Choosing the Right Size Hot Tub

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Choosing the Right Size Hot Tub

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How exciting! You have made the decision to get a hot tub and can’t wait for your first soak. Before you dip your toes in, however, you must decide what size hot tub will be most suitable. Who knew there would be so many options? It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of considerations to evaluate, but we think we can simplify it. There are a number of factors involved in choosing the right size hot tub, and we are happy to share them with you. 

Location, Location, Location

Your first question to answer is where you are going to place the hot tub. If you only have a small deck or patio space, that will be an easy call. Your hot tub selection will be limited by the area in which it can fit. Keep in mind you need to leave around 12” in clearance space on all sides of the hot tub for maintenance and service activities. If you have a cover lifter for your hot tub, it is best to allow 18” behind it for retraction and storage. If you have a larger area in which to locate your hot tub, size won’t be as critical a factor to keep in mind.

Who will be using the hot tub?

Think about who will be primarily using your hot tub. Just you and your spouse most of the time? A nice, comfortable smaller spa could fit the bill. However, you may definitely want to consider getting a larger hot tub if you plan to use it for entertaining, if you have a large family, or if you have small kids who will grow into it in a few years and be using it along with their friends. On the other hand, if you really will be using your hot tub for frequent entertaining, by all means get a large 6-, 8- or 10-seat model and your house will be party central!

Where will everyone put their feet?

A 6-seater hot tub really only comfortably seats four to five adults. No one wants to be crowded in a hot tub. The main issue with putting a lot of people in a hot tub is that there may not be ample room in the footwell. If you plan to use your hot tub at full capacity, be sure to choose a model with plenty of room for everyone’s feet. Believe us, no one likes to sit with their knees knocking their neighbor’s or their feet on top of someone else’s. 

Physical Needs of Users

Are you buying a hot tub for its hydrotherapy benefits? If so, getting a model with a lounger is a fantastic idea. A lounge seat allows the user to recline and get a fuller body massage experience. Some hot tub models even come with two lounge seats. Keep in mind that a lounge seat takes up the room of two regular seats. In addition, think about the physical characteristics of the family members who will use the hot tub most often. Are some family members not very tall? In that case, an extra deep hot tub will not be comfortable for them because they will feel like they are floating away and not be able to completely relax in their seat. Do you have taller than average family members? They will appreciate a deeper hot tub, and in particular enjoy a hot tub with a large footwell, as discussed above.

Of course, the size of hot tub you select comes down to your personal preference. If you take into consideration some of the factors we have listed, choosing the right size hot tub may be an easier task. In an ideal world, trying out various sizes of hot tubs in our showroom is a great idea. Schedule your test soak today! Once you find one you think is the right fit, try both a larger model and a smaller model. That will help you narrow things down more precisely. Aqua Pools has an online guide for new hot tub buyers you can check out. Also, the professional staff at Aqua Pools also can answer your many questions and fit you in the perfect hot tub choice.


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