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Design Your Own Swimming Pool Oasis

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Design Your Own Swimming Pool Oasis

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Take a minute to stop and think about the most luxurious oasis you have ever seen or experienced. What is it about that space that calls to you? What parts are the most beautiful or relaxing? Now imagine entering a space like that as soon as you walk out your backdoor. Creating that type of space is exactly what we do every day here at Aqua Pools. Turning your backyard into that oasis may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is actually quite fun. We have put together a little how-to guide to help you plan the swimming oasis of your dreams.

Dream Big

All beautiful spaces start with a vision and move to a plan. We want to know what your wildest dreams are when it comes to designing your pool project. It helps to look at several ideas on Pinterest or Houzz. Try to pinpoint what you like or don’t like about each space. It is great to look at the pool features and accessories, but you should also pay attention to things like the shape and lines of the pool. Look at the landscaping and space around the pools to see what your preferences are. Then head to your project space and try to imagine what you want your oasis to look like.  Write down some of those things as they will be important talking points when you start your pool project.


Once you have all of the things you like in mind, you need to think about how you plan to use your pool, how you need it to function. Do you love to host large get-togethers? Will your family be enjoying your pool or is it more for you to escape and relax? Once you determine how your pool will function for you, your dreams and plans will start to be fine tuned. Some things that you like in a pool design may not be great for you functionally.


Scale is a huge thing when it comes to designing a pool. If you have a small space with a huge pool, the pool may be beautiful but it will overpower your space. On the flip side, if you have a big open space and put in a small pool it will look out of place. Creating a good scale and contrast of space will help the overall aesthetics of your pool. Don’t worry there are ways to work around pool size. Your pool does not need to be huge to be luxurious. If you have a huge space but weren’t planning to have a large pool, you can use landscaping and other design features to make your pool look great. You just need to think about these things as you plan your pool, not after the project is underway.


Landscaping is nearly as important as the pool itself. A beautiful pool in the middle of a ho-hum yard just doesn’t have the same impact. You are trying to design an oasis. Planning for green space and plants will not only make your pool look great, but it will give you a gorgeous view as you enjoy your pool. Go back to some of the pool pictures that you pinned and look specifically at the landscaping. Think about what plants you like the most and what fits best with the vision you have for your personal oasis.


Finally, think about what accessories and special features you can add to your pool to give it that oasis feel. Lighting effects, fountains, tanning ledges, slides; the possibilities are endless. Accessorizing is the perfect place to let your dreams run wild. Any ideas that you have or features you can think of should at least be discussed. You may be surprised at what can actually turn from dream to reality.

Planning for a new pool is an exciting time. It can be even more fun when you are planning for your own swimming oasis. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dreams become reality. We would love to help you with that journey! With a dream pool from Aqua Pools you will be among our satisfied customers that say it was “Worth the Wait”! Get started today!

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