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DIY versus Pro Pool Maintenance

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DIY versus Pro Pool Maintenance

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Spring is here, and we are all eager to start regularly using our backyard pools. Opening our pools for the swimming season also means putting a maintenance program into place. How do you feel about maintaining your pool yourself? Perhaps being in the fresh air puttering around skimming leaves and balancing pool chemicals is something you enjoy. On the other hand, the idea may be something you dread. DIY versus pro pool maintenance—what is the best choice for you? There are several factors to consider.


How Much Will It Cost?

A big factor in the decision to DIY or hire a pool maintenance service is your budget. If you decide to tackle the project yourself, you will need to invest in the purchase of cleaning tools and chemicals. Buying the cleaning equipment is a one-time event. However, you will need to replenish your chemicals, testing kits, and replacement parts. The cost of hiring professionals to service your pool varies depending on your location and the frequency of cleaning. You can figure that a weekly maintenance service of skimming, cleaning, chemical testing, etc. could be over $100 per week. The professional pool service will bring their own cleaning equipment, and provide the chemicals. 


What is the Quality of the Job?

You will have to honestly assess whether your skills are up to doing a quality job. Do you understand chemicals, grasp how to use the cleaning tools, and know what to look for when checking your pool equipment? If so, DIY could be the way to go. If not, you can hire a professional pool service that has professional-grade cleaning equipment and years of experience in water testing and balancing chemicals. They will also be knowledgeable trouble-shooters when inspecting your pool pump, filtration system, and heater. You may be able to achieve professional-looking results if you go the DIY route, but it could take you some time to get up to speed if your knowledge is minimal to start.


What is the Time Commitment?

Your pool is a big investment and needs a schedule of regular weekly maintenance. Can you commit to performing the necessary tasks on schedule? How much time will it take? The fact of the matter is, a professional pool maintenance service is going to get the job done quickly. After all, they have lots of practice and have their routine down pat. Their professional equipment is also an aid to doing a quality job in a faster time than you might be able to achieve yourself. Most pros are in and out in an hour’s time, whereas it might take the homeowner two or three times that. On the other hand, if being outside in the sun leisurely skimming, scrubbing, vacuuming, testing, and adjusting chemicals are activities you truly enjoy, DIY may be perfect for you. Conversely, you could be an individual who would much rather spend the time reading the latest bestseller by the side of the pool rather than working for hours maintaining it. Time is an essential component of the ultimate decision to go DIY or pro. Only you can say how you prefer to spend yours.


Is One Better Than the Other?

The decision to DIY or hire a professional pool maintenance service is a very personal one. Once you consider the cost, the quality of the finished job and the time commitment involved you will be able to make a good decision. One method is not necessarily better than the other. The important thing is to make the choice that suits your individual needs best.

Aqua Pools is here for you whether you decide to DIY your own pool maintenance or hire us to professionally maintain it for you. We carry a complete line of cleaning equipment and the highest quality pool chemicals to set you up on your own. Alternatively, you can also partner with us to take on the job in your place. We have pool maintenance packages that include weekly, monthly or seasonal options. Whatever you choose, we are available to answer all your questions and help you achieve the perfect pool of your dreams.


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