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Do You Need to Have a Fence Around Your Hot Tub?

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Do You Need to Have a Fence Around Your Hot Tub?

Hot Tub Fence

If you saw the title of this blog and your first thought was, “Wait, is that a thing?”, this blog was written for you! Fences are required around pools and hot tubs in many parts of the US. So now it’s time to find out for you personally; do you need to have a fence around your hot tub? 

The Importance of Fences

Fences and barriers are required to be installed around pools and hot tubs in many states. The primary reason these laws exist is for safety. Even a few inches of water can be a drowning hazard, especially for children. Fences not only keep young children from entering your hot tub without supervision, but they also ensure only those you approve of use it. 

Types of Fences for Your Hot Tub

Depending on where you live, the height requirement for your hot tub fence will change. From needing no fence at all to having to meet specific height requirements. According to an Illinois-based law firm, the rules for Illinois hot tubs are that the barrier must be at least 3.5-feet high unless the spa is already taller than that. It’s important to know these specifications when choosing which fence you will equip your home with. 

Once you know the requirements for your area, you get to focus on the fun part … bringing home your new spa! Hot tubs come in a variety of models and styles. You probably chose your hot tub model specifically to fit into your ideal aesthetic. Hot tub fences and barriers come in a plethora of options as well, making it easy for you to complete your vision. 

It’s important to check local laws when you purchase your hot tub and equip your backyard as needed. Do you need a fence? How high should it be? Know the answers to these questions before you make your purchase to keep yourself compliant with the laws. The great thing about shopping with a local hot tub dealer like Aqua Pools is that we’re here to help and answer all your questions!

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