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Does a Hot Tub Need a Water Supply?

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Does a Hot Tub Need a Water Supply?

Choose a close water supply for your hot tub.

You’ve decided to get a gorgeous new hot tub, and now you just need to find the perfect space to place it. But, before you get too excited, there’s one more question that needs to be answered: Does a hot tub need a water supply?

The answer is simple: Yes! A hot tub does need an adequate water supply in order to operate properly. Water is the lifeblood of any hot tub, and without it your hot tub won’t be able to provide the relaxing, therapeutic benefits it’s known for. Here’s why your hot tub needs a close-by water supply.

What Kind of Water Supply Do I Need for My Hot Tub?

When you’re looking to relax in your hot tub, the last thing you want is to run out of water. The water supply for your hot tub doesn’t have to be anything fancy. An ordinary garden hose and tap water is all you need. It should be long enough to reach from your water source (such as the spigot on the back of your house) to the hot tub. This will help you have access to the water supply you need at any time.

A Water Supply in Close Proximity Makes Routine Maintenance Easy

One of the key benefits of having a water supply close to your hot tub is that it simplifies maintenance. Water evaporates over time, so periodically you’ll need to top off the water level in your hot tub. Having access to a nearby hose makes this quick and easy. And, if you’ve decided on an outdoor model, you’ll also want a close supply of water to keep your hot tub clean.

Consider where your garden hose is connected when you plan your hot tub location. From cleaning off your spa cover to topping off your water, the last thing you want to do is have to drag multiple heavy hoses across the yard, or, heaven forbid, buckets of water. Instead, plan your hot tub location by a water supply where you can gain easy access.

Having Water Available for Seasonal Maintenance Also Enhances Your Hot Tub Experience

Every three to four months, you’ll perform seasonal maintenance that requires you to completely drain and refill your hot tub. In addition to having an accessible hose for filling the spa, you’ll need an appropriate area for draining the hot tub. The easiest way to do this is by placing the tub on a surface that slopes slightly so the water can drain away. If you don’t have a sloped surface, you can still empty the hot tub by using a submersible pump to remove the water. After your hot tub is drained and cleaned inside and out, you can fill it with fresh water from your water supply.

The team at Aqua Pools is always ready to help you find the best space at home for your new hot tub. Our experts can go over your options and help you determine the best place to locate your hot tub for easy access to a water supply. Give us a call today to get started!

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