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Everything You Need To Know About Pool Equipment

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Everything You Need To Know About Pool Equipment

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Having a pool in your backyard is one of the most satisfying things there is. It is a place to relax and unwind, to entertain, to exercise, to enjoy hours of fun with your family, and these days, even a place to work remotely. Chances are, if you maintain your pool yourself, you have a basic understanding of what your pool equipment components do to keep your pool working and looking great. However, we’d like to share a bit more in-depth information about the functions your pool equipment fulfills and some of the most recent innovations. So settle in and let’s learn everything you need to know about pool equipment!


The Pump

Hayward Pump

Clean water is water that moves rather than water that stands still. If you compare a flowing river to a stagnant pool of water, you will notice a big difference. Bacteria thrive in still water, yet have a hard time growing in moving water. You won’t find mosquito larvae in a moving river, yet in that brackish pond… ugh. A pool pump keeps your pool water circulating and distributing your sanitation chemicals evenly throughout. The pump pushes the pool water through the filter, heater, and chlorinator. When fed back into the pool, the water is clean, warm, and sanitized.


Variable Speed Pumps

The very best sort of pump to have on your pool is a variable speed pump. In fact, as of July 2021 the Department of Energy is requiring that all new pool pumps be variable speed models. They are 90% more energy-efficient than single-speed pool pumps. They are quieter, run cooler, last longer, have digital components, use far less electricity, and will save you money. The magic behind how they work is in their ability to reduce the speed of the water flow, causing less friction and a much greater efficiency rate.


The Filter

Hayward Swim Clear cartridge filter

The pool pump and the pool filter work together to keep debris and particles out of your pool water. The pump pulls the water through the main drain and skimmer and keeps it moving. As the water passes into the pool filter, the larger pieces of debris are caught in the strainer basket for the initial filtration. The water continues to move through the filter, where smaller particles and even bacteria are caught before the water is returned to the pool. There are three types of pool filters.

Three Types of Filters
  • Sand filters use sand to capture small particles up to 20-30 microns. Periodically sand filters require backwashing. They last 5-7 years and are considered easy to maintain.
  • Cartridge filters efficiently catch debris in a replaceable cartridge made from a folded material. They can corral particles as small as 10-15 microns. Cartridge filters need to be washed occasionally and replaced every 3-5 years.
  • DE (diatomaceous earth) filters filter out the smallest particles, from 2-5 microns. They use a material that is basically fossilized dust from prehistoric diatoms. This type of filter needs the most frequent cleaning and backwashing. They can last 8 years or more.


The Heater


Universal H Series Pool Heater

After the pool water is pumped through the filtration system, it passes through the heater. The heater doesn’t generate its own heat; it uses fans to pull in warm air from outside which it passes over evaporator coils that convert the heated air into a gas. The warm gas is passed to a compressor which increases the temperature further. Lastly, the gas moves to a condenser which then adds the warm water to your pool. 

Three Types of Heat Pumps
  • Solar heat pumps work the slowest and require solar panels to be mounted facing south. After the initial installation, they cost nothing to operate and are very friendly to the environment.
  • Gas heat pumps heat the pool quickly but may cost more to run depending on the price of gas or propane.
  • Electric heat pumps are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and very durable. 


Robotic Pool Cleaners

13 hayward shark vac

We all know that pools do not clean themselves. Scrubbing the pool seems like a necessary evil, but with new technology, a robot can now do the work for you. An automatic pool vacuum can save you hours of maintenance time. These brilliant devices remove dirt, debris, and sediment from your pool by traveling over all your pool surfaces for set periods during the day. In just three hours it can scour your pool floor, walls, waterline, and coves—and you don’t have to lift a finger. It works independently of your pool filter, so there are no extra hoses or parts to contend with. The time-saving benefits are fabulous and you will love having more time to enjoy your pool while it does the work.


Pool Automation Systems

OmniHub Comp

Pool automation systems allow you to control every aspect of your pool equipment from wherever you may be. Imagine the convenience of being able to heat up your hot tub while you are on your way home from work. You can use your smartphone to run the pool pump, operate the sanitation system, control your pool’s lighting and water features, and even open or close your automatic pool cover. It doesn’t take long for a professional to install these automation systems, which are completely customizable to your family’s needs. Here is a link to a short Hayward Pool Company video showing how their Omni Logic system works. What you can do with it is pretty amazing!


Automatic Pool Covers

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Your backyard pool is the site for hours of family fun. With an automatic pool cover, you can make sure your pool is secure with just a touch of a button. Automatic pool covers are made of either mesh or solid materials and are strong enough to give you peace of mind. When in place, your kids and pets are protected. In addition to safety benefits, an automated pool cover keeps out UV rays, dust, debris, and leaves, prolonging your pool’s life and beauty. It also saves you money on your heating and energy bills. With a pool cover, you have more peace of mind, spend less time maintaining your pool, and more time enjoying it.  


In recent years there have been many innovations in pool equipment and technology. These innovations provide greater safety, energy-savings, convenience, and free time for you, the pool owner. The professionals at Aqua Pools are here for you with the highest quality brands, products, and services. We are proud to be your local resource for all questions and concerns regarding your pool. We invite you to call us today.


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