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Fall is the Best Time for a Pool Renovation

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Fall is the Best Time for a Pool Renovation

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It’s time to face the facts, your pool is in desperate need of a renovation. Its glory days are behind it and the pool is causing more work than enjoyment. Don’t worry! A quick renovation will have your pool looking great again. This fall is the perfect time to get the renovations done. While most people are closing down their pools for the season, your pool can be getting a much-needed makeover. So, what makes fall the best time to schedule a pool renovation? 

The Pool Isn’t in Use

Those months that you get to enjoy your pool each year are precious. The last thing you want is a renovation that takes time away from those relaxing days. As you think about closing down your pool, you should also think about getting the renovations done. You won’t be using your pool during the fall months anyway, so you don’t have to worry about your renovation stealing away your pool time.

Pool Companies Aren’t as Busy

Summers are the busy season for pool companies. Not only are they busy installing new pools for customers, but they are also running numerous service calls and the store is always filled with people shopping for chemicals and accessories. Fall is a different story. Things slow down a bit during the fall. It will be easier to get your pool renovation scheduled and you might just get a better deal than you would in the peak season.


It Won’t Ruin Your Landscaping

One of the drawbacks of a renovation is the effect on your landscaping. Not only will the construction take away from your curb appeal, but all of the traffic on your property could lead to torn up landscaping. Planning your renovation for a time when your plants are lying dormant anyway will spare your yard from any unnecessary damage.

Your Pool Will Be Ready For Next Season

One of the best reasons to plan your renovation for the fall is that your pool will be ready in plenty of time for the next swim season. You won’t end up frustrated when delays keep you from opening your pool at the beginning of the season. With a fall renovation, you will be opening your gorgeous new pool right on time. 

Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call and get your pool renovation planned for this fall.

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