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Why is Fall the Ideal Time to Renovate Your Swimming Pool?

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Why is Fall the Ideal Time to Renovate Your Swimming Pool?


As you uncovered the pool and dragged out the patio furniture this Spring, you noticed things looked a bit … old. Dingy. Just not as clean and pristine as they used to be. But the cold Winter meant a late Spring, and by the time the weather was nice, you were too busy grilling for Memorial Day and planning that July 4th pool party to bother with swimming pool renovations. Alas, the Summer is winding to a close. Are you doomed to another year of a shabby-looking pool?

Absolutely not! In fact, your procrastination did you a favor! Fall is the perfect time to renovate your pool and backyard living areas, and here’s why:

Fall pool renovation means less swimming time lost.

Say you’d scheduled that renovation for April. With the weather as it was, the renovation might likely have been delayed until May, way too late to be done in time to host your annual Memorial Day poolside barbecue. After Labor Day, there isn’t much swimming being done in Illinois, because even if the weather is good, kids are back in school and the dreaded mêlée of Fall festivals, extracurricular activities, and all that football to watch gets in the way. Fall is the ideal time to renovate your pool, because it’s the only time when the weather is probably going to cooperate, but your family won’t be whining about the loss of swim time.

Pool professionals are less busy and easier to schedule.

As soon as the sun comes out in Spring, the phones at Aqua Pools start ringing. We (as well as other pool professionals) are literally nonstop from the first tulip bloom until Summer winds down and the school year resumes. While we aren’t twiddling our thumbs come Fall, we do have more scheduling room for pool renovations than we do in June and July — the peek of our busy season.

There’s less chance of weather delays.

As you know, Illinois is no stranger to rainfall. While there is always a chance of a particularly rainy Fall, the Fall months typically bring fewer rain delays than midsummer, when we get the heaviest of our rains. You’re less likely to run into weather delays in the Fall than you are in late Spring or anytime during the Summer.

Fall renovation is less invasive to your plants & landscaping.

Most landscapers and gardeners agree, if you’re going to disrupt plant life, Fall is the time to do it. It’s after the heavy growing season, but before plants go fully dormant for the winter. You can see trees, bushes, and plants at their full width and height, so you can be comfortable relocating, transplanting, trimming, or pruning the landscaping elements around your pool. Also, your blooming bushes and plants have already bloomed for the season, so you won’t sacrifice their annual display of color for your pool renovation. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about mowing the yard while the workers are busy renovating your pool.

You’ll be ready to rock & roll come Spring!

Perhaps the best reason to renovate your pool in the Fall is that you won’t have to sacrifice one moment of pool fun come Spring. After renovation, Aqua Pools can help you close up the pool for the year, so that you have a fresh, beautiful, like-new swimming pool to greet you come Spring!

What are you waiting for? Schedule your Fall pool renovation with Aqua Pools today! You can reach our Homer Glen store at 708-301-9400 or our Worth store at 708-361-1000. Or, feel free to reach us through the Contact Us section of our website.


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