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Fitness For Seniors: How a Swimming Pool Can Help

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Fitness For Seniors: How a Swimming Pool Can Help

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Getting older is a bit of a mixed bag. There are certain things about aging that are actually kind of nice. You get great discounts at local restaurants, you have more time to do the things you love and there is a certain freedom to truly not care what other people think. On the other hand there are some down sides. One of the biggest being a lack of mobility and a decline in energy. It is easier for you to injure yourself and it is harder for you to be able to do all of the things you used to do. The good news is that there are a number of things that you can do to help combat those drawbacks so you can enjoy all of the positives of aging. The best part is a lot of the things you should be doing to stay healthy and mobile are quite enjoyable and they can be done right in your own pool.

Aqua Jogging

Aqua jogging is just what it sounds like, walking or jogging in a pool. The benefits of aqua jogging for seniors is almost too good to be true. Any exercise done in the water takes the strain off of your joints. Jogging and even lengthy periods of walking can be a challenge because of the impact to your ankles, knees and hips. Moving that exercise to the water makes it extremely low-impact. The water also makes your efforts more effective because the water is creating a resistance.

Kickboard Swimming

If Aqua jogging isn’t your thing, then kickboard swimming might be for you. In kickboard swimming you hold a  kickboard out in front of you as you flutter kick your legs to propel yourself across the water. The kickboard supports your weight, while the leg flutters work your legs and help to improve muscle tone.

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics is also popular among seniors because of the near weightlessness. During water aerobics you get your heart rate up while performing a series of exercises that also improve your muscle tone and range of motion. All of these things are highly important as you age.

Water Weights

If you are looking to improve your muscle tone, look no further than water weights. Water weights work the same as traditional weights, but they use the resistance of the water to create the “weight”. It is far easier on your joints to use weights in the water than on dry land, but is just as effective.

Water Yoga

Finally, water yoga is gaining in popularity. It combines all of the relaxing meditative benefits of yoga with the weightlessness of water. Water yoga is great for improving flexibility and range of motion, two things that sharply decline as you age.

All of these activities are fun and they provide you with numerous health benefits. Staying active and strong benefit you physically and mentally so you can fully enjoy your retirement. If you are looking to invest in a backyard pool to give you all of these benefits and endless hours of relaxing enjoyment, give us a call. We would love to help you make your golden years the best years of your life.

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