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Swim Spa Owners

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Swim spas are the ideal balance between a great workout and amazing relaxation. Take the time to care for your swim spa, and it will give you many years of both!

  • Always replace your spa cover after use. This protects the unit from dirt and damage, as well as helping keep your spa at the set temperature.
  • Since much of our area is windy, the manufacturer strongly recommends investing in additional wind straps for your cover.
  • Cover lift assists make it so much easier to remove and replace your swim spa cover!
  • Watch a few training videos on the ATV YouTube channel. Marquis partners with Ironman athlete Dave Scott to show you the proper ways to get great exercise using the swim spa, while avoiding injuries and common mistakes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ySL7Zlm4JbPewNV3rPWBQ/videos
  • If you won’t be using your swim spa during the winter months or for an extended time, close it properly, as you would any hot tub. This prevents damage due to the freeze-thaw cycle and other environmental hazards.

Latham Liner Visualizer

Aqua Pools Online is proud to showcase the Latham Liner Visualizer by Latham Pools.  Now you can visualize an assortment of vinyl liners for your swimming pool.

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