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If pool water gets out of balance, it can result in water quality issues, as well as staining on the surface of the pool. Balancers help control water quality, so that chlorine levels are regulated, keeping down on issues like skin and eye irritation, without hurting its ability to kill bacteria and contaminants in your pool. Aqua Pools carries a full line of BioGuard balancers.

Balance Pak 100

pH levels can bounce around, vasalating up and down when people swim, when it rains, and when you add chemicals to the pool. Balance Pak 100 helps maintain complete alkalinity, warding off pool stains, etching in the plaster, and line wrinkling — all of which can be caused by improper pH levels in the pool.

Balance Pak 200

pH levels in your pool can go drastically up or down as people swim, as rain falls, or when you add chemicals to your pool. Keep the pH level in your water perfectly balanced with Balance Pak 200. This product helps prevent your equipment from corroding, ward off plaster etching, and stop liners from wrinkling — all potential hazards of poor pH balance in your pool water.

Balance Pak 300

Dissolves quickly and leaves no cloudiness behind, Balance Pak 300 boosts calcium hardness in order to protect your pool equipment from corrosion and to prevent plaster etching and liner wrinkling due to an imbalance of pH in your pool water.

Lo ‘N Slo

Know you need to lower the pH in your pool, but tired of difficulty in measuring out the product? Lo ‘N Slo makes it superbly easy to lower your pool water’s pH perfectly, every time.  

Stabilizer 100

Applied directly (but very slowly) to your pool skimmer, Stabilizer 100 lowers maintenance costs and lessens chlorinating product consumption. Granular and completely soluble, Stabilizer 100 prevents the residual loss of chlorine in the UV rays of the sun.

Pool Magnet Plus

Pool Magnet Plus is super-concentrated to remove any current stains in your pool, as well as preventing new stains from forming. It’s effective against stains from iron, copper, and manganese. Pool Magnet Plus also removes the discolored water from metals when used monthly in pools that hold fill water containing metal.

Scale Inhibitor

Easy to use, Scale Inhibitor protects the surfaces of your pools and equipment from expensive damage. It is extremely effective at preventing the buildup of scales due to high levels of calcium. This formula remains active in your pool for as long as one month.  

Latham Liner Visualizer

Aqua Pools Online is proud to showcase the Latham Liner Visualizer by Latham Pools.  Now you can visualize an assortment of vinyl liners for your swimming pool.

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