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Water Enhancers

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Water enhancers deliver amazingly sparkly water by making the filtration system more efficient and effective. It eliminates cloudy water, and takes your pool water from “good” to “great”! Aqua Pools carries a complete line of BioGuard water enhancers.


In just a single use, EcoKlean increases run cycles by as much as 70% over D.E. Just 3 lbs of EcoKlean does the same work as 25 lbs of D.E., thereby making it much friendlier to the environment. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose fiber, this product produces a pool that’s as sparkly as diamonds, yet kind to the environment.

Natural Clarifier

Using natural ingredients, BioGuard Natural Clarifier creates a sparkling clean pool environment, while helping your pool filter to work at optimal efficiency. It binds together those fine particles of sediment, creating larger particles that are easier to remove via the pool filter. This means a more efficient filter and more beautiful, healthy water to swim in.

Natural Results

The waterline of your pool can quickly become unsightly when body oils, suntan lotions, and other organic contaminants build up in your pool. Natura Result is an enzyme-based product to control this phenomenon. It aids in the filtration of the pool water, helping to maintain a clean pool for longer periods of time. The best time to use Natural Results is at your pool opening in the springtime.

Pool Tonic

Sick pool? Give it some tonic! Pool Tonic is formulated to remove more than 10 common but unwanted contaminants from your pool water. This includes oils from the skin, pollution from rain, pet dander, pollen, grease, dust, skin and suntan lotion, hair care products, and regular old dirt. Pool Tonic binds impurities together so that they’re bigger, making it easier for the filter to remove them. Pool Tonic is a proprietary blend of two separate formulas, which leave your pool clean, make your maintenance easier, and help your pool operate at peak efficiency.


Algae blooms can cloud your otherwise crystal clear pool water. PowerFloc is a concentrated formula that clears up cloudy water by causing the particles suspended in your pool to settle to the bottom. Then, it’s a simple matter of vacuuming the pool to clean it up! The more debris in the water, the faster the concentrated PowerFloc formula works.

Latham Liner Visualizer

Aqua Pools Online is proud to showcase the Latham Liner Visualizer by Latham Pools.  Now you can visualize an assortment of vinyl liners for your swimming pool.

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