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Giving Your Pool a Proper Winter Check-Up

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Giving Your Pool a Proper Winter Check-Up

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The sunny days of summer are sadly behind us. We are spending more time inside as the temperatures cool and the days shorten. The long hours we spent out by the pool in the sunshine seem like a distant memory. As hard as it was to close up your pool for the season, you may not have given it a moment’s thought since. But wait! Should you be doing any pool maintenance while it is closed for the season? Just because you gave your pool an A+ closing does not mean you can forget about it all winter long. It seems that there are a few things you can do to care for your pool now and ensure a smooth spring opening. Don’t worry — giving your pool a proper winter check-up is easy peasy. 

Pool Cover Maintenance

The most essential aspect of winter pool care is to keep your pool cover free of debris, snow, and water. Most pool covers are not designed to withstand the heavy weight of built-up snow and ice. You would be amazed at how much accumulated snow weighs and the damage it can do to your pool cover. Remove snow as soon as you can after a snowfall with a leaf blower or soft brush. Never use a shovel or anything sharp. If and when the snow melts, remove it from the top of your cover with a pool cover pump. 

In addition, get into the habit of checking your pool cover’s anchors. The weight of snow and ice can pop your pool anchors and damage the coping around your pool. Check those cables and make sure they are tight and have the right tension.

Water Chemistry

Typically our Chicagoland winter temperatures prevent algae and bacteria from forming in our pool water during the coldest season of the year. You usually don’t have to add chemicals to the water during the winter. That being said, if there is a thaw and some warm days, pull up a corner of the pool cover to test your pool chemistry and make necessary adjustments. 

Keep an Eye On the Weather

Our best tip for you concerning winter pool care is that you keep an eye on the weather. If there is snow, get it off the cover. When the snow melts, use a pool pump to remove the water from the cover’s surface. If there is a thaw, take a peek under the cover and test your chemicals. About six weeks before opening your pool, add a dose of algaecide. No one wants to remove the pool cover in the spring and discover slimy green water. 

Giving your pool a proper winter check-up primarily means paying attention to your pool cover by keeping it free of debris, snow, and water.  Also, it is a good idea to monitor the weather and make any water balance adjustments that may be necessary should there be a thaw. Winter pool care should not require you to spend too much time away from your cozy fireplace and fuzzy slippers! And always remember, should you have any questions or require assistance, Aqua Pools is available for all your winter pool care needs. 

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