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Graduation Celebration in Your Backyard

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Graduation Celebration in Your Backyard

Cap and diploma for a graduation celebration in a backyard

After years of hard work and thousands of assignments, many high school and college students are proud graduates. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, however, they received bad news: their graduation ceremonies were canceled. While they will still earn their degrees, gone is the option to wear the cap and gown with their fellow graduates and walk onto the school’s stage to accept their degrees and shake hands with the principal or dean. Understandably, high school and college graduates around the country are feeling upset over this. If you or a loved one is one of these students, we here at Aqua Pools have an uplifting idea to share with you. Just because the graduation ceremonies are canceled, doesn’t mean your graduation celebration has to be. Here are some tips on how to host a graduation celebration in your backyard, while still practicing social distancing.

Plan an Online Party with Friends and Family.

People are finding creative ways to connect online and celebrate many of life’s achievements with friends and family. Whether it’s for a birthday party, engagement, or even wedding and baby showers, people are opting to set up their laptops, start a video chat, and throw a virtual party! Why not do it for a graduation celebration? As long as you have internet access, you can set your laptop anywhere, even outside!

Roll out a spare rug, wear your favorite hat and robe, and blast the good ole “Pomp and Circumstance” as you march across the backyard or living room. Friends and family can cheer and applaud from home while they watch you toss your hat in the air through their screens. Then share a slice of cake virtually and let everyone make a toast to your hard-earned degree.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate your achievement in earning your degree. Also, you won’t fight a large crowd for seats and get stuck in traffic after you leave the campus.

Take Your Graduation Celebration Dinner Outside.

If possible, a great way to support a local business is to order your party food from a nearby restaurant. While some restaurants have unfortunately closed, many are still open, but often only for takeout or delivery. Give them a bit of a boost while providing great food for your graduation celebration at home! So it’s a win-win for everyone when wins are much needed during this time. Set up a picnic of takeout or delivered food on your outdoor patio furniture and enjoy a backyard feast!

Or, if you’re in the mood for a barbecue, we have plenty of Big Green Egg grills to choose from. There are a ton of delicious recipes to try on a BGE. Be sure to check them out!

You can even do a combination of both — grill a gourmet dinner at home and order dessert from a bakery. Whatever you want! It’s your graduation celebration.

Treat Yourself You Deserve It!

Once the virtual festivities have subsided, wind down the graduation celebration with family at home. You can hop in the hot tub for a relaxing soak or take an afternoon swim in the pool. 

A hot tub soak is a perfect treat after all of the hard work and stress of going to school. You deserve to relax now! Reminisce about all of the things you enjoyed most about high school or college as you soak with your family.

Swimming in your pool and playing pool games is also a great way to relieve all that study stress. You could even wear your swimsuit under your robe and jump into the water as you toss your “graduation cap” in the air! Who else can say they jumped into a pool during their graduation ceremony?


At Aqua Pools, we feel for all of the high school and college students who won’t be getting traditional graduation ceremonies this year. We want everyone to be safe and healthy, but we also understand that’s a bit of a bummer amongst so much bad news. So, we hope this graduation celebration in your backyard is the next best thing! 

If you need pool or spa chemicals to get prepped for your graduation celebration at home, you can now order online. Or if you’d like to order a spa to treat your student(s) for getting their degree, feel free to check out our selection. And if you’ve been waiting to build that dream custom pool, now is the time to get on our build schedule. You’ll see why our pools are worth the wait. And finally, if you have any questions at all, contact us.

Congratulations on earning your degrees, graduates! May you have a very happy graduation celebration at home. 

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