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Hot tub date nights

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Hot tub date nights

You drive around discussing where you will go for dinner, then spend dinner figuring out what movie you will see. Sound familiar? It’s the date night rut. The same date that the two of you have been going on for years. Until this year. This year you invest in a Dimension1 hot tub and have exciting new dates waiting for you anytime, any night of the week. We have compiled a list of a few of our favorite hot tub date nights to get you started.

The Classic

The classic hot tub date night is always a favorite. You light a few candles around the hot tub, turn on your favorite love songs and enjoy the evening snuggled up in the warmth of your hot tub. This is a can’t miss date night that anyone would love.

The Game Night

Want something a little more exciting? A hot tub game night is fun for everyone. You can get floating trays for your hot tub that make great game tables. Grab some waterproof playing cards and all of your favorite card games can be played in your hot tub.

The Movie Night

Yes it’s another movie night, but this one is so much better! You’ve got your D1 hot tub, now you just need to grab a projector, your laptop and you have an instant movie night with the best seats in the house. With a D1 hot tub that seat even comes with a jet therapy pillow, which is sure to make the movie way better than any you could catch at the theater.

All of these date nights sound great, but we saved the best part for last; hot tub date nights don’t require a babysitter, dressing up, or even leaving the house. Your favorite date nights get to happen right from the comfort of your own backyard. Stop by the Aqua Pools showroom and let our staff help you find the perfect Dimension 1 hot tub for all of your future date nights.


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