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Transform Your Hot Tub Into a Cooling Tub this Summer

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Transform Your Hot Tub Into a Cooling Tub this Summer

A backyard spa retreat with a Marquis hot tub

Relaxing summer nights are ahead as you enjoy your hot tub. And with summer temperatures heating up, you can cool off and transform your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer. Wait, what’s that? A hot tub? In the summertime? Why yes, don’t mind if I do!

Transforming from Hot to Cold

One of the many benefits of owning a hot tub is its versatility. Customizable settings allow you to pick a comfortable temperature for enjoyment. Although it’s a “hot tub”, you can still enjoy it year-round, no matter what the outside temperature may be. They’re great for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying water massages, but so are cooling tubs. With a few tweaks, there are a few things you can do to transform your hot tub into a cooling tub this summer and totally maximize your investment.

Cooling Down after Heating Up

Your hot tub has probably been operating on a warm temperature for some time. While there is not a “cool” setting to transform the water from hot to cool, on Marquis® Spas, for instance, the lowest temperature setting is 60 degrees. However, it is not necessary to dial it that far down to cool the water. Simply leave the cover off the hot tub to cool the water even faster. You can expect the water to lower about one degree per hour.

It may only take a few hours to get to the preferred temperature. Turn off the tub’s heaters overnight or for a few hours to start the process. Without any heat permeating through the tub, the water inside will start to cool, matching the outside temperature.

Once the water has cooled to the desired temperature and is ready to use, simply start the jets back up and enjoy the cooled water.

Half and Half

To cool the water down even quicker, drain a portion of the hot tub water and replace it with water from the outside faucets. The temperature of the water that comes through the faucet is usually around 65 degrees. Then, the internal insulation on the hot tub will help to ensure that the cooled water stays cool. With your hot tub now dialed down to its lowest setting (60 degrees), you will be able to enjoy cooler water in half the time.


Insulation is the key to transforming your hot tub into a cooling tub. This is important for summertime enjoyment because once the water is at an ideal temperature, proper insulation is what keeps it there. Our hot tubs are manufactured with superior insulation. This translates to warmer water in the winter with less heat loss, but also less heat loss and cooler water in the summer.

Use your hot tub cover after use to keep the water temperature constant and to also keep out any debris or small insects. In only a few steps, this summer you can enjoy the outside even more and turn your hot tub into a cooling tub. Got other questions about enjoying your hot tub this summer? Contact us!

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