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Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

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Hot Tub or Swim Spa?

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Just like with any big purchase, you’re spending a considerable amount of time shopping through all your options before investing in a hot tub or swim spa. Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, but they do serve different purposes so it’s important to understand the difference. Let’s dive in and take a look at each, bringing you one step closer to completing your aquatic dreams. 

Does Size Matter?

One of the biggest differences you’ll notice between a hot tub and a swim spa is the size. Hot tubs are smaller than swim spas but are available in larger sizes to accommodate several people at once. For instance, the Sarena Bay® by Dimension One can comfortably seat 7-8 people, making it perfect for entertaining. You can also find smaller hot tubs that seat 2-3 people if you prefer soaking solo. A swim spa such as the ATV-17 SPORT by Marquis ATV is 53’’ deep and 17’ feet long, so it’s considerably larger, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and swim. 

Fitness vs Hydrotherapy

Both hot tubs and swim spas have jets, so you could use your swim spa for hydrotherapy as well. However, if your main goal is fitness or physical therapy, a swim spa may be a better option for you. Swimming is a total body workout, and the combination of water resistance and warmth simultaneously soothes and works your muscles for the best workout you’ve ever had. 

If hydrotherapy or pain management is what you’re interested in, you can’t go wrong with a hot tub. Designed to jet away aches and pains while you rest and relax your mind is the main purpose a hot tub serves, and it does its job perfectly.


While the maintenance for both a hot tub and a swim spa is generally the same amount of work, a swim spa is bigger and therefore takes a bit more chemicals and water than a hot tub. They both will need a cover, regular water testing, and seasonal cleanings. Don’t have time for draining and refilling your spa? No problem, Aqua Pools is happy to do that for you!

Whether you choose a hot tub or a swim spa, Aqua Pools has the right model for you. To learn more about buying one, check out our learning center, or give us a call!

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