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Hot tub summer cool down

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Hot tub summer cool down

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A hot tub in the heat of summer? We admit that it doesn’t sound too inviting, but don’t count your hot tub out for the summer just yet. Why not transform your hot tub into a cool tub from June through August? It’s easier than you think and it won’t have any negative effects on your hot tubbing for the rest of the year. Check out these tips for transforming your hot tub into a cool summer hangout that all of your friends will want to try.

Cool Down the Water

If you are wanting a refreshing summer oasis, the first thing that you will need to do is cool down the water. We suggest 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less for your summer hot tub. You can safely cool down your tub in a couple of different ways. First, you can leave your cover off for a couple of nights and let the water cool down gradually. You will want to leave your air jets on while you do this. If you are wanting to cool your tub off more quickly, there is nothing wrong with picking up a couple of bags of ice to throw in your tub. It will cool your tub down in no time. In fact, a hot tub ice down party sounds like a perfect summer kick off tradition.

Keep the Temperature

Once your hot tub is cooled to your desired temperature, you will want to start keeping it covered. The superior insulation of your hot tub will keep your new cool tub at that perfect temperature all summer long.

Don’t Turn Off the Filter

When you switch over to a cool tub, do not turn off your filter. Turning off your filter will take your cool tub to a disgusting tub. Your filter needs to keep running so that your water stays clear and your pumps aren’t having to work overtime. Other than turning off the heater you will want to operate and maintain your tub the same way you normally would.

There you have it, turning your hot tub into the perfect place for summer relaxation is that simple. In no time at all you and your friends can be beating the summer heat by relaxing in your cool tub with a fruity drink in hand. Don’t have a hot tub yet? Come see us at Aqua Pools, we can hook you up with a summer of cool relaxation followed by a lifetime of hot tub fun!


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