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Hot Tub Yoga

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Hot Tub Yoga


We all know the great health benefits of daily yoga and we have heard the amazing benefits of daily hot tub use. So what would happen if these two things were combined? Either the internet will blow up…or the combination will be so incredible that the hot tub yoga trend will sky rocket. The world is about to find out because hot tub yoga is beginning to take hold.

Added Health Benefits

Unless you have been living under a rock you have surely heard of the hot yoga trend. It has gained popularity because of the additional health benefits that it brings to the table like less risk for injury, better circulation, more flexible muscles and an increase in weight loss. Not surprisingly, many of the benefits that the heat brings to hot yoga can also be provided by your hot tub. Hot tubs have long been known to increase circulation, reduce injury, relax muscles and promote weight loss. So moving your daily yoga into the hot tub can provide many of the additional benefits that people are searching for.

How Does It Work

So how does hot tub yoga work? Obviously, there are several poses that don’t lend themselves to a hot tub, but many of the poses you already love can be moved to the hot tub. Just like any other form of yoga, you will want to warm up first. Then move into your more intense poses. A quick search will turn up many poses and even some books that have been written on the topic. To help you decide if this is even something you want to pursue we have put together a few poses that you could try based on your skill level. Giving them a go should give you a good picture of whether you will enjoy hot tub yoga or not.

Beginner Poses:

The Wave

The wave is a good pose for beginners. You start by standing in the middle of your hot tub with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your right arm against your side. Then raise your left arm over your head and to the right while you kick out your left hip. Look at your left arm. Lower your arm and leg then repeat on the other side.

The Half Moon Pose

Stand in your hot tub and place both hands on the small of your back. Then arch your back creating a C shape. Focus on pushing out your chest. Once you get to a comfortable arch, try to touch your elbows together. Focus on keeping your balance.

Intermediate Pose:

Squatting Jack Pose

Start by standing in the center of your hot tub with your feet shoulder width apart. Stretch your arms out to the side with your palms up. Bend your knees and begin to squat while raising your arms above your head so you can touch your palms together while pointing to the sky. As you come out of the squat, move to a stand and lower your arms to their starting position.

Advanced Pose:

Crab Pose

The crab pose is a fun pose for the hot tub, but it is definitely more advanced so it should not be attempted by beginners and extra caution should be used by anyone trying it. You will start by putting your left foot on the edge of one of your hot tub seats. Your right foot will go on the seat directly across from the seat that your left foot is on. You should now be standing on the edge of two seats. Touch the palms of your hands in front of you pointing towards the sky. Begin to slowly squat down while keeping your back straight. Hold this position and then stand back up.

After trying a few of these poses you should have a good feel for how enjoyable hot tub yoga can be. If you are already a yoga lover and you know that you will love hot tub yoga, you just need the hot tub to get started, come see us at our Aqua Pools showroom. We can help you find the perfect hot tub for your new yoga adventure.  


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