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How a Hot Tub Can Take Date Night to the Next Level

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How a Hot Tub Can Take Date Night to the Next Level

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We live in a busy world. You’ve got a million things to do every day. Working all day, shuttling the kids back and forth, and keeping up your household takes a lot of your time. Is it any surprise to find that most of us aren’t making our significant other a priority? The good news is that any free evening at home can turn into an instant date night with your luxurious hot tub. If you suddenly find yourself at home alone with your spouse or loved one it might be tempting to just say, “Let’s jump in the hot tub.” But just taking a couple minutes longer can turn the evening from a quick dip to a romantic rendezvous. 

Your Hot Tub Sets the Mood

Most hot tubs that are sold today have bluetooth speakers built into them. Pull a romantic playlist up from a site like Pandora or Amazon Music. Get ready for a slow dance before getting in. Pop the cork on that bottle of wine that you’ve been saving. Let that someone in your life know that you consider this impromptu event to be the special occasion that you’ve been saving it for.

You have the world at your fingertips, so take advantage of it. Get on one of the food delivery apps and order up some appetizers from their favorite restaurant and have them delivered. You can quickly arrange a small platter and have it waiting on the deck. Turn the lights down low and light a few candles.

Be In the Moment

The most important thing is to be present. Let the business of your lives melt away and relax in the calming waters of your Dimension One Spa or Marquis Hot Tub. Have a few drinks, look at the stars, and reconnect. You deserve it. You don’t get many opportunities like this. The next moment may not come for a while. Make the most of these precious few moments together.

Aqua Pools would love to help you make this happen.  Come and see us anytime at our Worth or Homer Glen location. We all know what it’s like to let the hustle of work and family get in the way of the important things. We can help you get some of that back. 

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