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How Can I Hide the Pool Equipment to Make My Pool Area Look Nicer?

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How Can I Hide the Pool Equipment to Make My Pool Area Look Nicer?

hide the pool equipment

You are settled into your chaise lounge, gazing at your beautiful blue swimming pool. Drink in hand, sunglasses in place, summer’s bestseller at your side. It is pretty darn perfect. Except for one thing. You glance over to the side and there sits your assorted pool equipment, standing out like a sore thumb. What a jarring sight! Now all you can think is, “How can I hide the pool equipment to make my pool area look nicer?” Unfortunately, when people plan their dream backyard, they frequently neglect to consider how to hide the pool equipment. But don’t worry! Aqua Pools is here with some great ideas for disguising that equipment after the fact.

Build a Structure Around It

A simple solution to hide the pool equipment is to build a simple box structure around it. You will want to include vented sides (for air circulation), hinged doors, and a top that opens. With a top that flips up and a door or doors that open, your pool equipment will be completely accessible for maintenance. A pool equipment box will muffle the sound of the equipment and protect it from the elements. If space allows, you can go big and make the structure an actual shed where you could also store your pool brush, skimmer net, and other equipment. 

Construct an Enclosure Screen

If your pool equipment is up against a wall or fence, another way to hide it is to construct a wood enclosure screen around it. Using pre-fab vinyl fencing panels to make an equipment enclosure is an easy DIY job. You could leave the top completely open, and position the enclosure on three sides of the equipment, hiding it from view. It is a good idea to have one side of the structure hinged for easy access to the equipment for servicing and cleaning. 

Hide the Pool Equipment with Landscaping

Fast-growing shrubs or ornamental grasses make a great screen to hide the pool equipment as well. Bushes or shrubs will grow more densely than grasses and will block the unsightly view, as they grow to form a “wall” screening the equipment. If you do decide to use landscaping to disguise your pool equipment from view, be sure to research the types of plants that will do well in our climate. You also want to consider plantings that are fast growing.

Build a Wall to Hide the Pool Equipment

Hiding the pool equipment behind a wall is another solution. Constructing a concrete or masonry wall may require hiring someone with the know-how to do the job, but could be an effective and attractive method to screen that pool equipment you don’t want visible.

Depending on your budget, there are so many options to hide the pool equipment to make your pool look nicer! Now you can get back to enjoying your backyard pool without the pool equipment getting in the way. We recommend doing some research on what sort of look you prefer. With a bit of ingenuity and creative thinking, you will come up with a solution that will hide your pool equipment and enhance the overall look of your backyard oasis. Always remember, the expert staff at Aqua Pools is here for all your pool and spa needs.

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