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How Does Rain Affect My Pool Water Chemistry?

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How Does Rain Affect My Pool Water Chemistry?

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Have you ever wondered how a rainstorm affects your water chemistry? The answer is that it depends on how much rain you get. A small amount of rainfall may have an immeasurable impact on your water’s balance. That being said, a prolonged or severe rainstorm may create issues that could render your pool unsafe for users. If you have ever asked the question “How does rain affect my pool water chemistry?”, we are here to provide some answers and solutions.

Acid Rain

It turns out that rain is acidic and can affect the chemical balance in your pool. Your pH balance should range between 7.2 to 7.8. If it is too low, your chlorine will not be effective, and if it is too high the water could cause damage to your pool’s equipment. Test the water after heavy rainfall and make the necessary adjustments. 

Watered Down Chemicals

Another effect of heavy rainfall is that it will dilute the chemicals in your pool, rendering them less effective. Calcium, alkalinity, hardness, and chlorine levels will all be lowered and need adjustment. Again, testing will tell you what chemicals need to be added to restore the proper balance. If you have any doubts, bring a sample into Aqua Pools and have us do the testing and make some recommendations. 

The Green Monster

Heavy rain also introduces algae spores, pollen, phosphates, and other organic matter into your pool water. The altered pH and chlorine levels leave your water vulnerable to algae gaining an unwelcome foothold.

Dirt and Debris

In addition to minute particles, a big storm can blow dirt, trash, and plant debris into your pool, which will need to be removed as soon as you can manage it. 

Excess Water

A big rainstorm can raise the water level in your pool to a degree that renders the skimmers ineffective. If the water level becomes too high you will have to drain it. You want the level to be about at the halfway point of the skimmer plates, about 6 to 8 inches from the top of the pool.

Proper Preparation Before a Big Storm

It is possible to do a few things in advance of a heavy storm that could make your clean-up a bit less of an ordeal.

  • Clear your pool deck of loose objects that could blow into it
  • Store all unsecured pool furniture and cushions
  • Shut off gas lines and the pump system
  • Cover pump, heater, filter, etc.
  • Leave the pool cover off to prevent damage to it

How To Fix It After the Storm

  • Remove the larger pieces of debris from the pool
  • Skim the surface of the pool
  • Clean the skimmer basket and filter baskets
  • Run your automatic pool vacuum or manually clean and vacuum the pool
  • Shock the pool
  • Run your pump and filter system for at least 12 hours to get the treatment thoroughly dispersed
  • Check the pressure reading on your pool filter. If high, you may need to clean it.
  • Test your water, or bring a sample to the pros at Aqua Pools.
  • Make all necessary chemical adjustments
  • Run the pump and filtration systems until water is clear

Aqua Pools has been offering pool maintenance services to clients in the Chicagoland area since 1980. Have you ever wondered “how does rain affect my pool water chemistry”? It turns out if you get enough, it can have dramatic consequences. Do you have questions or concerns before an anticipated big storm? Give our pros a call for advice to help you prepare. After the event, let us take the guesswork out of restoring the proper chemical balance to your water.

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