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How Late in the Year can you swim in Illinois?

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How Late in the Year can you swim in Illinois?


As the weather starts to cool off here in Illinois, you may begin to wonder, “How much time do I have left to swim in my pool?” After all, there will come a time in the year where you’ll have to cover your pool up for the winter while you wait for warmer weather to return.

The swim season usually starts in late spring, typically around Memorial Day weekend. According to the Chicago Park District, the 2019 beach season runs from May 24 until September 2. Based on this, we can probably assume that you can swim in your pool in Illinois at least until the end of September. That’s only about 5 months.

Don’t worry. Aqua Pools has a variety of products to help you extend your swim season well into fall, and even into winter.

Add a Heater to your Pool

Installing a pool heater to your equipment is the number one way to warm your pool to the ideal temperature for enjoyment, no matter what time of year it is. A pool heater can extend your swim season by several weeks, up to a month and more. This increases the value of your pool since heaters allow you to get more bang for your buck.

We sell several Hayward and Pentair pool heaters that are energy-efficient and cost-effective. Depending on the size of your pool and to what temperature you want to be able to heat your pool, we can help you decide if a gas or electric-powered pool heater best fits your needs.

Add a Hot Tub

While you may not be “swimming” per se, hot tubs are notably more enjoyable as the weather cools off, and can even be used in winter. So if you’re not using your pool during late fall and winter, you can definitely utilize your hot tub. Luckily, Aqua Pools is an expert at installing custom swimming pool / hot tub combinations, so you can be in the water all year round!

We also offer above-ground hot tub options from Marquis that would be excellent additions to your backyard. Along with being able to spend more time enjoying your backyard, even in cold weather, hot tub spas offer a variety of health benefits, especially when used in late fall and winter. Hot tubs can boost your immunity, especially during flu season that always seems to come around this time of year, and help loosen muscles tightened up with cold.

If you’re not certain which hot tub you’d like to add to your backyard, you can always schedule a test soak with us. Remember to bring your swimsuit, and we’ll help you find a spa that “suits” you best.

Contact us to Extend your Swim Season

Just because the leaves are beginning to fall and there’s a chill in the air, doesn’t mean it’s time to cover up your pool…yet. You can easily extend your swim season in Illinois by installing a pool heater or hot tub. Ready to add a pool heater and/or hot tub to your backyard? Contact Aqua Pools today and we’ll help you get started.

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