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How Much Does a Marquis® ATV™ Swim Spa Cost in 2023?

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How Much Does a Marquis® ATV™ Swim Spa Cost in 2023?

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You’ve researched the reasons to get a swim spa and know one is in your future. You are excited to get the benefits of a hot tub, and also those of a swimming pool. You like the idea of their compact size and the fact that they are easier to maintain than a full-sized pool. Best of all, the water temperature is conducive to comfortably exercising year-round — perfect for Illinois. You are so ready to jump in and order one for your family. But wait. How much does a Marquis® ATV™ Swim Spa cost in 2023?* Aqua Pools is here for you with a breakdown of the benefits, models/sizes, and swim spa costs. Let’s dive in and have a look.  

What a Swim Spa Has To Offer

A swim spa is considered an alternative to a swimming pool, combining the benefits of a hot tub with providing a place to swim and do other forms of aquatic exercise. A primary benefit is that one can exercise without the potential injury-causing forces found in other types of aerobic exercise such as running.

Marquis Aquatic Training Vessels (ATVs)  take up far less space than a regular pool, offering a system of turbo jets that provide propulsion that one can swim against while staying in one place. You can swim, jog, row, and walk in place and get all the cardio benefits of these other forms of exercise. You can also use resistance bands to perform strength training activities.

Swim spas are designed for year-round use, and have heated water and seating options similar to hot tubs. The water temperature is adjustable, lower for swimming and higher for hydrotherapy and relaxing. The multitude of benefits, plus the fact that the cost of a swim spa is so much less than an inground pool makes them very appealing.

What Sizes and Models are Available?

Marquis ATVs come in a variety of sizes. They offer two models (ATV-14 SPLASH and ATV-14 SPORT) that are 14 feet in length and 4.5 feet in depth. Two models (ATV-17 KONA and ATV-17 SPORT) are 17 feet long and 4.5 feet in depth. Their largest model, V-150P is a huge party spa with seating for 8, plenty of hydrotherapy jets, and a wider width that permits swimming, jogging, rowing, and even cycling.

How Much Does a Marquis ATV Swim Spa Cost in 2023?

Swim spas cost more than a hot tub, but are far less expensive than an inground pool. They take up far less space than a full-sized pool as well, which makes them ideal for the smaller backyard spaces that are trending these days. Swim spas cost less to maintain than a swimming pool and can be used year-round. The fact that you can swim and do aquatic exercises as well as use them as a hot tub truly extends their value. You should expect to pay around $25,000 for the smaller model Marquis ATV, and up to $50,000 for the larger model. 

Where To Purchase a Marquis ATV Swim Spa?

When purchasing a swim spa, it is important to patronize a professional swim spa dealer. The swim spa experts at Aqua Pools offer service and support during the time you own your swim spa. We also help with the delivery and initial setup of the swim spa.  Purchasing a quality product such as a Marquis ATV from a reputable dealer like Aqua Pools ensures that your relationship with us will not end with the sale of the product.

How much does a Marquis ATV swim spa cost in 2023? It could be less than half what you would pay for a full-sized pool! Come down to the Aqua Pools showroom in Homer Glen and take a look at the Marquis ATV we have on the floor. We even welcome you to try it out with a test swim and see how it feels. Our professional staff is on hand to answer any questions as to which model would suit your needs best. 


*These prices were accurate at the time of publication. Prices are always subject to change without notice. Prices naturally vary depending on the products and features chosen by the customer. Please speak to our sales associates for the most accurate pricing on your specific product. 

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